Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015 Weekend Recap!

How was your Halloween?  We had a blast preparing for the day and an even better time passing out candy and seeing all the kiddos in their creative costumes.

Earlier Saturday morning I headed to Walmart to finally stock up on Halloween candy.  I do not know about you but, I wait to the very last minute to get Halloween candy.  If we keep the candy at home for longer than we need to, the candy will get eaten before Halloween has a chance, lol.   
Plus, you can get pretty good deals when you buy candy on Halloween!

I got enough to fill up this baby...

It looks like a ton of candy but, trust me, we have a lot of kids in our neighborhood and sadly while this may look like it would have been sufficient, it was not...

I decided to put a last minute costume together.  Thanks to Pinterest, I decided to join the feminism movement with my
 As the only female in my house, I think it is good to remind the boys who's really in charge around here... Just KIDDING!

Christian is getting into that age where, he thinks he's getting a bit too old for dressing up but a bit too young to stay home to pass out candy.  His friends convinced him to go out trick or treating and he decided to go as a scary clown.
 Joseph on the other hand is always up for dressing up and scare as many people as he possibly can.  He was Michael Myers this year....
Now, tell me that's not the creepiest thing you have seeing in a while... lol

We called it quits around 7:30 pm.  The reason why we shut down camp so early, was simply because a group of five kids were coming our direction for candy and we only had these three pieces left....
Told you it was not enough candy!
Chris came home with a bag full of candy so, it is all good...  Needless to say, he was a happy camper and glad he went trick or treating. 
 The rest of the night was spent in front of the TV watching the Halloween series and ending our movie marathon with the Exorcist...  Which, by the way, the Exorcist is probably the scariest movie I have ever seen...  I covered my eyes, like I did the first time I watched it as a kid and if anyone says the name Reagan or Linda Blair, I feel like she's behind me ready to puke on me.
I can't believe she made it into the blog...  I hate her! She was in many of my nightmares growing up! SO scary, I cant!

How was your weekend?  What is the scariest movie you've ever seen?  For me, it is and will always be, the 1980's Exorcist!


  1. Oh my gosh...the Exorcist scared me too! I love all the costumes! Glad you guys had a great Halloween.

  2. Great costumes! We didnt dress up but we threw a small party at our house!

  3. Amityville Horror really scared me. Looks like you had a great Halloween!
    Great Post!

    All the best,



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