Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend Recap: MOD Pizza for Lunch & a Halloween Party

Happy, happy Monday! How was your weekend?  I am still recuperating from my weekend and hoping that the cup of coffee I am currently drinking will provide the energy I need to workout.  

Speaking of workouts, Saturday I started off my day with a sweaty session of heavy deadlifts.
It was a cooler morning and my gym garage was freezing.  I needed to make sure to get the sweat going early in the morning because I knew I would not have time to workout later in the day.  Working out is such a big part of my life, I need to get it in, in order to feel like my self, ya know!

Shortly after my workout I had a batch of my protein pancakes and proceeded to get ready for the day.  We did the usual Saturday stuff, farmers market a couple of errands, etc.  For lunch we finally decided to try out MOD Pizza, which opened last week in Colorado Springs.
 This was our first time trying the MOD Pizza experience an I will have to say that, we are now big fans of the fast food restaurant.  It is a build your own pizza with tons of healthy options to choose from.  To be honest, it reminded me of a Chipotle except, you get unlimited toppings, they only charge you for the crust size. 
 We all went for the MOD size crust which is the perfect size for a personal size pizza.  We added all of our toppings and Christian placed his name on the #MODSQUAD wall while we waited for our pizzas to cook in their wood-burning ovens.
We all love how fast and how great our pizza creations were and plan to make this a once a week outing.  
 Joseph had all the veggies, all the meats and all the cheese on his pizza.  Christian went for a cheese, tomato, pepperoni and black olives pizza.  I also, went for all the veggies, chicken and red sauce.  Here's a close up of my pizza...
After our first MOD Pizza experience, we headed home to get ready for a Halloween party one of Joseph's co-workers was throwing.  We were going for a "Dirty Dancing" theme however, I had issues getting my costume right, we ended up going for a 50's theme instead. 
 We had a great time!  The party was literally .8 miles from our house.  I will admit that we had a drink too many, a cupcake too many, and lots of fun were had.

As for my Sunday...
This was my Sunday!  I managed to upload a video, which you can watch below or by clicking HERE!
Let's just say that wine and pumpkin beer are going to be on a break for a long while!  
I made a big batch of soup and stayed in this position for the rest of the day!

What did you do this weekend? Are you ready for Halloween?  Share your weekend with me below!


  1. So great! I love MOD. They have a great gluten free crust too!

  2. We're getting our first MOD pizza in November and I can't wait to try it. Thanks for helping me get the lay of the land now!

  3. You look fab and a healthy pizza is always worth an extra workout! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow! Mod Pizza it sounds so unique and the picture shows how yummy it can be.The main attraction is unliited topping. I would love to try one. Thank you for sharing this post.

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