Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Date Night at the Briarhurst Manor Estate in Manitou Springs

Over the weekend Joseph and I went out for date night.  We try to spend the weekends together, since Joseph gets home from work pretty late during the week.  However, our weekend outings typically involve a trip to the farmers market, errands, grabbing dinner or lunch at one of our favorite local casual places and sharing a bottle of wine while watching a movie on the couch after our errands.  Oh, and football watching on Sundays after church!  Very exciting life guys, super exciting lol...

To be honest, when we are not doing things for our home we are dong things for Christian.  Fancy date nights are not a thing we normally do.  Consequently, I was surprised when Joseph gave me the news that we were dinning out at the Briarhurst Manor Estate on Saturday.  SHOCKED! lol
One of the things I love about sharing pieces of my life with you guys, is that I get to go back in time and relive some of the best foods, best nights and best experiences once again.  This was such a fun night out with Joseph!  

The Briarhurst Manor Estate is located in Manitou Springs, CO.  This is about a 30 minute drive from where we live.  The Briarhurst is one of those places we always drive by, tell each other; "we need to go there" and never go.  We have been planning coming to this place for about a year now, we would make reservations and something will come up and cancel, something will come and cancel.  In fact, after our pumpkin beer tasting I told Joseph "let's just stay home instead" he said: NOPE, WE GONNA GO! lol
 Our reservation was for five o'clock a pretty early dinner for us.  We got there a few minutes before our reservation, we got to walk around and check out all the rooms of the beautiful Estate.

We were greeted by lovely antique furniture and a stunning lamp on the guest book table.
The Victorian Manor House was build in 1876 by the founder of Manitou Springs, Dr. William Bell, of London, England. He build this house for his wife Cara and his children.  Such a beautiful home and so much history.  This is literally the perfect location for wedding receptions, in fact it reminded us of the place we got married in Florida. 

Our table was in the library.  Stunning book cases, beautiful paintings and a lovely fireplace made this room so perfect for date night.
It was a Saturday, so naturally they had a wedding on site!  Our table had the perfect window to witness the wedding photography session.
 I was so excited, I have been dying to go to a wedding for so long, so I guess we technically did... lol creeper!

The food was fantastical.  We decided on the five course meal menu.  For my appetizer, I went for the crab cake with rye toast and Joseph went for the seasonal gnocchi.
 A bread and cracker basket shortly arrived, which was served with raspberry jam, salted butter and chicken pate as the spreads.
 The palate cleanser was a delicious lemon sorbet which we enjoyed while reading the booklet, which told us everything we wanted to know about the House.  Our server was amazing, she answered every question, was super duper helpful and made the entire experience and unforgettable one.  

For our first course, I choose an item from the summer menu and Joseph went for a Fall menu item.  I had the Salmon over couscous with roasted veggies and Joseph enjoyed the Beef Tips entree.
I wish I had a photo of our desserts but, I forgot... Bummer, I know!
We ate all of it and here's the sad empty plate to prove
 I had the apple crisp served with almond milk ice cream and Joseph enjoyed the cheesecake trifle.  Take my word for it, it looked and tasted delicious!

If you are curious, the entire dinner took about two hours, it was an experience guys!  

We took an obligatory blurry selfie at the table, walked a little more, got a final glimpse of the wedding and headed home.

If you are ever in the Manitou Springs area, check out this beautiful Estate!
 Such a lovely night!
Do you do fancy date nights or just wine on the couch like us?  Let me know below!


  1. I've lived in Colorado for years and we've never been to the Briarhurst. I guess it is time to plan a trip there!

  2. Sounded like you guys had a wonderful evening! This will be on my list of things to do when we finally make it down to Colorado.

    1. It was a great time! yes, do visit, it is a must!

  3. This restaurant is GORGEOUS! Absolutely loving your photos!

  4. Wow! This looks like such an amazing place. Sounds like a wonderful and well deserved date night!

  5. Wow! You look like a friend of mine. You could be sisters. Your date night looks like fun and the food looks delicious! Great post and site! I found you on FB GYB page. Let me know if you'd like to collaborate, be a guest writer, or get together to do a giveaway with some other bloggers, just support each other in some way. My site is All the best, Heather

    1. Oh, cool! Thats so funny, I get that a lot! I guess I have one of those faces lol.. We can be friends too lol.. Love your site as well, yeah a collab sounds great! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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