Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A lovely dinner with King Soopers and meeting Denver Bloggers

Hi guys!  How are you doing on this lovely Wednesday?  The sun is shinning and the weather has been lovely this week.  (WARNING:  I have a feeling, the word "lovely" will be used a ton on this blog post.)  It's been a crazy coupe of days... Christian is in his "Fall break", school has been kicking my butt and therefore, the blogging time has been put on the back burner for the reasons I just mentioned.

Ok, where do I start?  Right, Thursday...  Last week I was invited to attend a dinner with the King Soopers lovely staff.  They were introducing the Live Naturally site to Denver bloggers.  I was the only blogger from Colorado Springs and also the only health and fitness blogger.  It was nice meeting all the beautiful fashion bloggers from the Denver area.  We learned so much about the site and about the items that are now available for purchase.  It was great finally meeting the people I have been interacting with for so long on the internet.

 Liana Werner-Gray, the creator of the Earth Diet was the guest speaker for the night.  Liana shared her story, her struggles and the inspirational route she took to put this amazing book together.  I have to say, that I left feeling super duper inspired and ready to put some projects that have been marinating in my head to work.  It was lovely meeting this down to earth and intelligent woman.
The dinner was held at the lovely Coohills Restaurant and the food was incredible guys.  The restaurant had a rustic European vibe and the items on the menu focused on local, regional, and farm-fresh ingredients.
 I had the Scottish Salmon for my entree option and it did not disappoint.  I am still dreaming about that crab cake starter.  Delicious, I tell ya!  Joseph and I are already planning a "Denver date-night" that includes this lovely restaurant. Here's a glimpse of our dinner...
 There were delicious appetizers and a special cocktail, which was made with products from the Live Naturally site.  I believe the cocktail was a matcha tea and pumpkin combo, it was delightfully sweet.  The night ended on a sweet note with a lovely variety of sweet bites to share. 
 It was great meeting everyone!  This is going to sound odd but, it was refreshing to sit at a table, pull a camera out of your purse and take a photo of your food without any dirty looks for once. LOL!

Ok, I better get my workout done while I have the energy!  How's your week going so far? 


  1. It was so lovely to meet you in person, Yaitza! So glad you enjoyed the evening & here's too more of them! (raising my virtual's got to be 5 pm over there, right?)

    1. You too Jorie! It was a great time, thanks for having me ;o) It is about 2 o'clock here... perfect time for a virtual glass lol


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