Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Confessions of a Healthy Lifestyle Blogger...

Good Morning!  Can you believe it is September already?? My hubby Joseph will be celebrating his birthday at the end of the month and I am super excited that once again he will be a year older than me... at least for six months.  I swear baby, we are getting old!  

Anyway, this morning started a bit off for me, for two reasons...
Reason #1: I made a fantastical cup of coffee/late with Silk's Unsweetened (super creamy) Cashew milk in my moka pot.  I proceeded with the intention of sprinkling a bit of my favorite powder stevia into my coffee, to sadly realize that it was all gone!  No more stevia, zero, nada!!  Terrible way to start the morning if you ask me...
Speaking of running out of my favorite products, I recently uploaded a Healthy Empties video featuring my pantry staples.  You can watch it by clicking HERE or below!

Ok, right... Reason #2: My breakfast choice!
My plan today was to share a new Paleo waffle/pancake mix I found while browsing the aisles at WholeFoods over the weekend.  After dropping off my son at school I headed to my local Walmart to pick up bananas, which were meant to be one of the toppings of my Paleo Waffles.  While at Walmart, I came across a bag of delicious looking cinnamon raisin bagels which, paired with a pound of cream cheese, were once one of my favorite breakfast foods.

I passed the enriched flour bagel aisle, stopped, and read the ingredient and food labels of every single kind of bagel they had.  What was meant to be a simple trip to the grocery store, suddenly became a complicated lengthy one, debating on whether or not I should get these bagels.

Needless to say, I walked out with the bagels and bananas at hand, still with the goal of making the waffles and getting the bagels for my son Christian (also a cinnamon raisin bagel lover) to enjoy.  I got home, placed the bagels in my fridge and grabbed my waffle Paleo mix out of the pantry.  I sat in my kitchen staring at the waffle mix and thinking how much I wanted that cinnamon raisin bagel.  I walked around, made a cup of coffee, trying to avoid the thoughts that were screaming...  Eat the DAMN BAGEL!  Enough, is enough!  I proceeded by placing my waffle mix back in to the pantry, getting a whole bagel out of the fridge and into my toaster.

I ate the bagel along side some eggs, veggies and diced strawberries.  Yep!  It was delicious!

So today's blog isn't about a healthy recipe, it is about balance.  I am a personal trainer and weight-loss specialist and the number one thing I tell my clients is to not deprive themselves, because deprivation often turns to overeating.  Binge eating is something that I struggled with for years, which is the reason I tend to always cater to my cravings.  However, the fact that I had planned on sharing a healthy recipe with you today, almost made me say no to my cravings.  

I am not sure if other healthy lifestyle bloggers share the same feeling but, at times the expectation is to only share workout routines, healthy recipes, you know; food, veggies, lean protein and complex carbs conversations.  However, living a healthy lifestyle is not only about all of the workouts we do or the green smoothies we drink, it is about BALANCE!

Finding balance has been difficult for me but, I am almost there. 

Today I want to confess a few things to you...
  • I love wine, and drink it about twice a week
  • I eat out with friends and family and often over indulge
  • While I don't crave it often, I drink diet soda
  • If I am at a coffee shop and forget my stevia, I reluctantly (I personally hate the taste) use Splenda
  • My hubby's favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids, and I steal some of his 5 lbs pack sometimes
  • I have binged on sunflower-seed butter way too many times!
  • I love Nutella
  • I eat PIZZA (without cheese)
  • Sushi is my favorite food, and I often enjoy 3+ rolls
  • I eat donuts, birthday cakes and chocolate covered things
  • and yes, I deleted a couple of lines from this confession's list
 But, MOST IMPORTANTLY I feel pressured to share only healthy things I eat and do, with you...

Through blogging about healthy living and fitness, I have learned that the most important thing about living a healthy lifestyle is to have a healthy mind.  Based on today's breakfast story, I have learned that at times I still struggle with finding balance... 

How about you?  Do you struggle with finding balance?


  1. I love all of this. At the same time...cheeseless pizza makes me sad. What do you put on it instead?

    1. Makes me sad too... I'm lactose intolerant.. I dislike vegan cheese, I add nutritional yeast ;o)

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  3. Hi Yaitza! Is silk cashew milk your favorite sub for creamer? I've been trying to pick a healthier option, but usually end up not like the flavor as much!

    1. It is! It is the only thing that goes in my coffee other than stevia and cinnamon! It is so creamy, highly recommend ;o)

  4. Sometimes you just gotta eat the bagel.. or the chocolate bar.. or whatever it is that you want. And then tomorrow.. you go for the paleo waffle mix. Everything in moderation ;) Now I want a bagel...

  5. Ah ha ha ha ah! That's why you have to NOT buy bagels ;) Otherwise they will just KEEP ON SCREAMING AT YOU until you pay attention to them - much like a puppy or a baby??

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