Monday, August 24, 2015

YouTube Vlogs!

Hi... hope you are having a good morning so far!  I took last week off from blogging to focus on some work and school things.  However, I have been posting videos weekly over my YouTube channel (click HERE, to subscribe).  I have taken the camera out of my house for some car chats and hiking with the hubby...

Below are my last two video blogs, I hope you guys enjoy...

Last week I posted a car vlog chat, where I answered questions to two sweet YouTube friends ;o)

Shortly after waking up (as you can probably tell from my lovely appearance) Joseph joined me for a hike yesterday!  We tend to go on a 2 hour trail run or hike on the weekends.  Hiking has to be my favorite way of incorporating cardio into my workout routine.  We followed up our hike with an iced coffee from our favorite place in Colorado Springs...
Hope you guys watch and enjoy! 
I am really enjoying making videos lately, it is a different way of connecting and interacting with you all. 
How was your weekend?  

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