Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Back to normalcy...

It is always a good day when you arrive from a fourteen hour drive to a package of deliciousness...
I met two wonderful people from Peanut Butter & Co. during the FitBloggin conference in June.  They were kind enough to send me a package full of their delicious peanut butter.  I have been loving the white chocolate wonderful and the dark chocolate dreams over my protein muffins (photo is on my Instagram.) 

 Their powder peanut butter has been delightfully delicious in smoothies.  Christian has been loving the smooth operator on a traditional PB&Jelly sandwich.  I have been indulging on the bee's knees right off the spoon.  Yummers!  Have you tried these? Dreamy, I tell ya, DREAMY!

Anywhosers...  The last couple of weekends and even before we went on our road trip, we have been dedicating Saturdays for hikes and trail runs.  One of my favorite things since moving to Colorado has been the state's beautiful scenery.  On Saturday, we went back to Seven Falls for another two  hour hike.  I love this hike because it is great for all fitness levels; you can make it as easy or as challenging as you want.

During our turn around point, my plan was to start sprinting down with the goal of passing Joseph since he was kicking my butt during our hike/run.  I had a pretty good lead on him coming down however, after a few minutes of sprinting, I saw no sign of Joseph.  I got a bit worried and stopped to wait for him. Oh, hmmm...

As I am calling out for him, all of the sudden he pops out of the woods to hand me this beautiful bouquet...
While I was running my butt off, he was sitting on a rock putting this wild flower arrangement together.  Cute right!  I really thought I was beating his butt coming down.. Oh well!  

So, yesterday was the first day of school for our district.  I swear, time flies when you are having fun.  I can not believe Christian is already in the 8th grade!!  Crazy times, crazy times..
I am so proud of this boy and the man he's becoming.  I could not ask for a better son.

I have posted a few new videos on the YouTube channel including a new Grocery Haul, which went up on Sunday, and a Healthy Empties I posted the week before.  You can click below to watch.
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We are back to the swing of things and excited about discovering more fun routes for our Saturday morning hikes/runs.  

Who's looking forward to the weekend already?  How's your week going so far?


  1. This looks really great and healthy too! I've been looking to switch things up in my kitchen for healthier items so I'm going to try this one out. Thanks so much!

  2. I love PB Co and the White Chocolate Wonderful!

    This week is hectic as I am having to get a lot done before school starts next week!!


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