Monday, July 6, 2015

Independence Day Weekend and I What I Eat In A Summer Day Video...

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a fantastical 4th of July weekend...  We had such a fun weekend.  As a told you on my previous post, Joseph had to work on the 4th so our celebration started on Friday.  We attended a party on Friday hosted by Joseph's boss.  I had such a great time getting to know everyone and talking about our favorite wines.  I tasted one of the most amazing red wines I have ever tried in my entire life.
Have you guys tried 19 crimes wines?  If you have not, I highly recommend it especially if you have been wanting to venture out into the "red wine" side for a while but, can't deal with the dry taste that most red wine often have.  I had to take a photo of the bottle to show you!  

 I ended up making a salad inspired by my Mexican Couscous Salad for the party.  I added diced strawberries, mint and green onions instead of beans, to make it more 4th of July appropriate.
The salad was a HIT!  There was not a grain of couscous left and I ended up "texting" the recipe to two ladies who were wanting to make it for their 4th of July festivities.  

We left the party around 8:30, rushed home to grab our lawn chairs, comfy shoes and a sweater.  Joseph, Chris and I made it just in time to part take in our communities fireworks show they put up every 3rd of July.  We met up with neighbors-friends to enjoy the show.
Such a fun night!

The next day we knew hubby had to leave for work around 5:00.  We decided to head up to Seven Falls for a trail run.  This trail is so beautiful and it makes for a challenging trail run or a mild hike.  We tend to use the mountain bike trail for our runs and the view is always a delightful one.  

You know I had to stop and take some photos for you guys!!
 We even ran into someone rock climbing and had a conversation with the guys on the ground about how to get started.  Joseph has been wanting to start rock climbing since moving to Colorado so it was nice to chat and learn a bit more about the process.

We made it up to see this beautiful scenery that unfortunately, this photo did not capture well.  I still wanted to share it with you guys...
After our run we headed to my favorite drive-in coffee shop in the Springs...  Yes, Dutch Bros Coffee!  I love them because for one, their coffee is delicious and they offer a ton of dairy free options and most importantly, STEVIA as their sweetener!  I enjoyed an iced coffee with almond milk and Joseph had one of their frozen lemonade pomegranate drinks.

We also made our weekly trip to the Miller Farms Farmers Market.  I sadly forgot my grocery bag but, I settled with filling up one of the potato bags for a whopping price of $10.00Such a bargain!
On Sunday, I filmed a video for you guys.  It is a what I eat in a summer day.  I tend to eat a variation of the same foods through out the week and I wanted to share those with you guys.  You can watch that video below or by clicking HERE!

How was your weekend?  Were you active?  Did you eat t00 much?  Let me know below...


  1. This made me hungry! Happy 6th of July too! With a smile from Carlyn - Off the Sidewalk in Tampa, Florida! :-) Now, where is that wine..........Chin, chin!

  2. I can't wait to try that Mexican Couscous! I am always in need of a side dish for a party. Thanks!

  3. Looks like a great weekend - I love a good bottle of wine and some pretty scenery!


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