Monday, June 29, 2015

My #Fitbloggin15 Experience

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook (if you don't, you should ;o) ) you know that last Thursday I headed to the Westin Downtown Denver for the Fitbloggin15 Conference.  You can see all the fun things I did there.  Fitbloggin 2015 was my first ever blogger conference and I had a lovely time learning and meeting fellow health and wellness bloggers.

If you are curious about how my first day went, hotel room tour and some of the food I had, check out my Video Blog below!

The conference involved many group classes on how to grow your blog.  I received so many ideas on how to make your blogging experience a much more enjoyable one.  Sharing with you is such a big part of my life and learning more about this online world is always an interesting and rewarding experience to me.

My favorite group class was given by Katy Widrick.  Katy is a whiz when it comes to branding and improving your online presence.  Katy is an amazing woman and I can not wait to put some of her recommendations to work.  I have been stalking her website ever since but, don't tell her.

There were fitness classes available including an early boot camp class taught by Erin Kreitz Shirey from Dig Deep Play Hard and a Glider Yoga class taught by Jamie King from FitApproach.   These were my two favorite fitness classes, the energy these two have is contagious, such an inspiration to all of us fitness professionals. 

The highlight of my life the conference to me was a lunch hosted by California Avocado where I enjoyed an avocado tuna tempura dish that was AMAZING!  Here's a photo of it...
Of course they had all sorts of delicious foods during the conference.  All the meals were provided!  Below is a photo of my standard breakfast during my time at Fitbloggin...
Of course the best conversations occurred between group classes and after the nightly Fitbloggin events.  I had a great time meeting fellow bloggers!  The times spent with them was full of deep conversations, wine and vegan ice-cream!  lol
Denver is such a beautiful city and I need to remember that next time I go visit.  The city's beatifulness was apparent to me during Sunday's Fun Run...  
So many cool buildings and such a fun run tour provided by Jamie from the Westin.

I had such an amazing time and would highly recommend the Fitbloggin Conference for those bloggers who have never attended one.  The experience was a rewarding and inspirational one.  

I will never forget the time spent with these lovely people!


  1. I am kicking myself for not attending this year despite the urging of a few regular FitBloggin attendees. Next year, indeed!

    1. Yes! Next Year for sure, they did not announce the location of the next one but I am intrigued ;o)

  2. Awesome! I'd love to go to a blogging conference sometime.

    1. You should Jaime, it was an awesome experience!

  3. Hi Yaitza,
    I enjoyed reading about your conference. It sounds like an amazing experience. Just jotted down Katy's name so I can also check her out (no stalking though!). Thanks for sharing.


    p.s. that tuna dish looks amazing.

    1. It was a great experience! Yes, check Katy out, you will love all of her insights... The tuna dish was as good as it looks... Thanks for stopping by Carol ;o)

  4. I saw a lot of photos on Instagram and it looked like so much fun! Glad you had a great time! :)

    1. I had a lot of fun! Thank you for stopping by Jess ;o)


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