Wednesday, May 20, 2015

First Impression: Lennox House Tearoom in Colorado Springs

If you have been watching my videos, or reading my blog for a while, you know I love tea.  Iced tea, hot tea, tea in my smoothies... you get the idea!  Until now, I have never been to an actual tearoom.  A couple of weekends back, we broke our Tearoom virginity by visiting the Lennox House Tearoom in Colorado Springs

  First of all, what an adorable place!  I love their 1800's Victorian style decor throughout the entire house.  Some of my favorite items in the house include this huge chandelier in the center of the tearoom, and the lovely lamps all around the house...

Their authentic Tiffany Stained Glass window were just incredible, and now I want one for our house so bad...  I am obsessed with this place!

 We were the first to arrive and were asked to seat ourselves anywhere we wanted to.  We chose the table next to the gorgeous window towards the back.
 Our tearoom experience began first with a cup of Earl Gray tea served in this incredible looking tea cup.  All of their table wear was so pretty and floral, totally my kind of style.  Hubby was also impressed with learning all about tea etiquette.  I think he asked all the questions I wanted to ask, but was afraid to say them out loud.  Thank goodness for Joseph!
 The tea was followed by a tasty Walnut Strawberry salad served in a bed of greens, a tomato bisque (no photo of this sorry), and more tea!
 Tea was being constantly refilled every time our cups were empty.  I ended paying that later on in the day with having to go to the bathroom for a number 1 every 5 minutes. lol

We were then served a tray of scones, lemon curd, raspberry jam, puff pastry treats, and a chicken salad croissant.  I meant to take a better photo of this, but we were starving by this point and we just devoured the scones without thinking about it.  Take my word, it was all very tasty!
 We ended our tearoom experience with dessert; a very small strawberry mouse.
 We had a wonderful first tearoom experience.  I am so glad that Joseph came along for the ride.  This is such a fun activity to do with your mom, a girlfriend, your daughter, or even for a bridal shower; or just a girls day out!  If you are ever in Colorado Springs, give the Lennox House Tearoom a go!

Have you every being to a Victorian tearoom?  What did you think?


  1. Oh my! It's lovely! And your photography does a great job of capturing its beauty.

  2. I have a tearoom just down the street that I have never been to! Going now!! Thank you :-)


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