Monday, November 10, 2014

Sick Eats!

Happy Monday!  It is sort of a feeling weak kinda day for me.  I am currently on day three of a four wisdom teeth extraction situation.  Naturally, I only took the (5 day) recommended medication on day one therefore, I am feeling a lot of pain and experiencing a bit of swelling today.  

Additionally, I somehow developed a bit of a sore throat and to top it all off, that time of the month arrived yesterday.  Fun times, but, I am feeling hopeful people, I am feeling hopeful. LOL!

My day began with a brisk treadmill walk this morning.  As to be expected, I have had zero energy to go for my usual run in the mornings.  

After my walk, I headed to the kitchen to make a variation of my oat bran cereal for breakfast...

Disclaimer: I took this photo from a previous post on my Instagram account...  
To be fair my breakfast looked a lot like this except there were no cacao nibs, no raspberries and the banana was mashed and cooked with the oat bran.  But, other than that it was pretty much identical. ;o)

I also have been enjoying cold fizzy drinks!  I do not know if this is a thing or not but, something about that cold fizzyness makes those holes in my mouth happy
Love this GT'S Gigerade Kombucha just makes me feel so good and provides an adequate boost of energy to get me through my next nap.  Love this stuff... FYI this is also great to treat a hangover... just sayin'... ;o)

I have also been making lots of green smoothies for lunch and snacking on green juices.  I find that it is important to keep the nutrition as optimal as I can, it just makes me feel good inside... Ya know!
The recycled pickle juice jar to the left has romaine, spinach, ginger and lemon.  The juice jar on the right contains pear, apple, kale, ginger, carrots, celery, cucumber and lemon.

For dinners I have been having lots of mashed starchy veggies such as; squash, mashed cauliflower or sweet potatoes, soups etc...  Love it all!  

This is all great and nutritious but, to be honest, I am missing my usual lunch and my solid foods.  I can not wait to be able to chew again! 

How about you... How was your weekend?  How is your Monday going?  

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  1. I got my wisdom teeth out (all 4) in August! I was eating apples the night of the first day! I did not let the pain stop me either ;)

    1. I also got all 4 taken out, it is painful. You are braver than I am, I could not feel my mouth on day one...I did have a smoothie and Thanks for stopping by Rebecca ;o)


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