Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Banana Blueberry Protein Waffles

Have you seen the workout challenge I posted on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter yesterday??...
I challenge you to perform this workout at least two times this week.  If you give it a try do not forget to tag me on Instagram @ahealthier_fitterme.  Would love to hear how it went for you!

OK... on to  THE WAFFLES!

I posted a photo of my recent breakfast obsession on Instagram and a couple of you wanted the recipe.  Can ya tell how much I love Instagram....?   No? OK!  Anyway...  These are super simple and could easily be converted to paleo if you use an animal protein based powder.  
I hope you give this one a try!

Gluten Free Banana Blueberry Protein Waffles

1 egg
1 egg white (separated from egg)
1/2 tsp. of vanilla
1/2 tbsp. of ground flax seeds
2 tbsp. of vanilla protein powder (I recommend egg white or brown rice)
2 tbsp. of coconut flour
1 banana
1/4 cup of frozen blueberries
1/4 cup of water
1/4 tsp. of salt
1/2 tsp. of ground cinnamon
1 tsp. of baking Truvia or 2 Truvia packets

I also used...
a double sided waffle maker from Oster
a single cup blender (like the magic bullet)
a spatula (to get every bit of the mixture from my blender cup)
a timer ;o)

Into your blender goes 1/2 of the banana, egg + egg-white, vanilla, flaxseeds, salt, cinnamon, coconut flour, protein powder, water and truvia.  Blend until well combined, for about a minute or so.  You can do this by hand as well, just mash your bananas and whisk in the rest of the ingredients until well combined. ;o)

Preheat your waffle maker to high heat.  Spray your waffle maker well with cooking spray.  Once your waffle maker is preheated, pour in half of your mixture into the center of your waffle maker.  Close the waffle maker and let it cook for 30 seconds.  After 30 seconds, open your waffle maker and place half of your frozen blueberries (about six) over your waffle.  Close the waffle maker and continue to cook for 3 minutes.  

FYI!  The waffle maker may let you know that the waffles are done before the 3 minute mark.  I find that 3 minutes is the perfect time for me.  Coconut flour is a bit more difficult to work with, it requires a bit more time, I know this from trial and error.  However, waffle makers are not created equal so, feel free to check your waffle after 1 1/2 minutes if you are unsure. ;o)

After 3 minutes, remove your cooked waffle and spray your waffle maker with coconut oil.  Repeat the process for the remaining waffle batter.  

Use the other half of your banana as a topping.  I also sprinkled a bit more cinnamon over top.
Feel free to add walnuts, maple syrup or any topping of you prefer.  I thought the banana was the perfect topping on mine!

Have a good rest of the week!


  1. OKAY IT'S A DONE DEAL FOR SURE NOW! I am getting me a waffle maker!!!!

    1. Awesome Gigi! I love mine! But seriously, how many times can one person write waffle maker.. You would think I worked for oster!


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