Monday, September 8, 2014

Haul & First Impression: The Asian Pacific Market in #ColoradoSprings

Happy Monday!  My day started out with a delicious batch of my Pumpkin Pancakes along side an egg, sauerkraut over turkey and a juicy grilled nectarine.  Fall is definitely in the air and it happens to be one of my favorite seasons.  Hubby and I were discussing last night how for the first time in 4 years (since moving out of Alaska) we are both really looking forward to the Fall and Winter season.  

Anywhosers... I have been on a quest to build up my Indian spice collection.  Indian food has become one of our favorite cuisines and consequently, I have been "recipe testing" a lot lately.  I was in need of curry leaves last week and went to pretty much every supermarket in the Colorado Springs area with the intention to find it.  I did find a couple of  Indian spices at the bulk area at Sprouts, however, no curry leaves. I will say, one thing I love about Sprouts is how helpful and knowledgeable their staff is.  

Anyway, one of their staff members asked if I had ever been to the Asian Pacific Market (I had not.) He mentioned that they offered an assortment of international spices, produce and things that are normally not found in a conventional health food store.
Well, we all know what happened next...
Awwww!  So exciting...  He was not joking, this place had a pretty good selection of not only Asian but other international spices and produce.  I was immediately impressed by the size of the store and greeted by the fishy smell from their fish and meats counter.  I quickly got over the smell and proceeded to attack their produce area.

 I spent an hour browsing every aisle in the store.

Over Instagram I asked if you wanted to see my small haul from the Asian Pacific Market, a couple of you said yes, so here it is...

From the produce aisle..
 They were having a sale on Chinese eggplant and dragon-fruit.  These were both new to me, so, like a total foodie I filled up my basket with both.  As you know, I have been loving eggplants lately and I was excited to try a different variation of it.  

I did try the dragon-fruit, it is a beautiful looking fruit.  As far as a taste description goes... I will say, it is mildly sweet, not much of a distinctive flavor with a texture of a kiwi or a strawberry.   It was very fun to try and to look at.  ;o)

From the spice aisle...
Sadly, I was not able to find curry leaves, I did however find some whole spices which I was in need of as well.  They had a good assortment of international spices. I was able to find all of these in the Mexican aisle with the exception of the Madras Curry which I found in the Asian curry area.

Sauces and drinks aisle...
 I was surprised to see that they also carried products from Puerto Rico.  I picked up some CocoRico soda because it reminded me of my childhood and my hubby and son drink this like water anytime we are in the island.  The soda was a bit overpriced but, we rarely get to have it, so I splurged.

The Spicy Zucchini spread is very good.  I was impressed by the list of ingredients and let's be honest, I have never heard of a zucchini spread.  I have been enjoying it as a dip to carrots for my a pre-dinner snack.
It is pretty tasty!

While in the check out line I spotted a bag of roasted watermelon seeds.
This prepackaged snack is a product of the Philippines and it only contains 2 ingredients: watermelon seeds and salt.  Check out those macros!

I will say, I was not a fan of the watermelon seeds at first.  These reminded me of a salted whole sunflower seed with the texture of a pumpkin seed, without the actual kernel.  Have you tried these?  Can you explain the proper way to eat them? lol

 I have to give them a try again, and see if my opinion changes.
This is it!  If you are curious, my bill came up to $25.00.  It is a bit more spendy than most stores, but when you factor in shipping cost and other expenses for getting these international items here, I believe the prices are fair.

I hope you enjoyed this haul!
Have a wonderful week!


  1. I would have a field day in that market! So awesome!

    1. You would love it. I am making it a weekly thing for sure! Thanks for stopping by Rebecca ;o)


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