Monday, August 25, 2014

A Saturday with CoachPain Dewayne...

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Are you enjoying the last bit of summer we have left?  I am definitely taking advantage of it.  We are celebrating Christian's 13th birthday this week, lots to do in preparation for his birthday bash.  I can not believe I am soon to be the mother of a teenager, time flies when you are having fun.  

 We are all looking forward to celebrating his day!

Anywhosers...  I had a fabulous weekend!  Last Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting the amazing CoachPain Dewayne.
  I attended an event hosted by Pam Rushing (personal trainer and owner at PCR Fitness) in Peyton Colorado.  The event was to benefit our local Food Bank, canned food donations were encouraged in addition to the event's fee. 

It was a three hour event that was scheduled to begin at 6:00 am.  I had a previous commitment later that day, unfortunately for me, I was only able to stay 2 of the 3 hours.

The only equipment  required from each participant to bring was a sand bag, water, snacks, sunscreen and a good attitude.  The event was held in the same location as the Spartan Race obstacle training I attended last Spring.
(on the left is my homemade sand bag wrapped in packing tape, lol)

The workout was a "BattleFrog" Navy Seals style workout, which consisted of 1 minute long drills/intervals.  We used sand bags for frog jumps, and different variations of the basics, which is one of many things CoachPain does very well; he takes every burpee, squat, frog jump and push-up (aka: basics) to the next level.  

A way to describe his training style...  Well, let's just say CoachPain is like Shaun-T on steroids, ;o).  Check out his page here, to see what I mean.  Such an inspiration to all of us fitness professional and enthusiast!  

I wish I could give you details on the workouts we did, but it was so intense that I really just wanted to concentrate on taking it all in and doing the training.

However, he posted a clip on his Facebook Page so...  here's a preview of what went down on Saturday!
CoachPain really took the time to go over each movement and went on to explain how each movement relates to real time Navy Seals survival training.  He also expressed how his training style does not focus on how to obtain a certain physical appearance, it rather focuses on endurance and performance.
CoachPain also encouraged all of those fitness professionals to take the basic moves to the next level.  

Every move was a teaching lesson for me...
 I am so glad to have had the opportunity to meet CoachPain.   I look forward to his next time in Colorado and to his video posts for workout inspirations.

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