Friday, May 9, 2014

Gaining Weight & loving all things Orange!

Happy Friday!  How are you??  I trust this post finds you well.  This week has consisted of late rushed mornings, crazy hair, smoothies and delicious bright orange yolk organic eggs!
If you have not tried an organic farm fresh egg you have not LIVED you really should! 'o)) 

Anyway, can you believe it is almost mid-May?  School is out in less than two weeks and I can not wait for it to be over.  The last couple of weeks have been "project city" for my son, and quite frankly a bit stressful for the parents.  

To get us to summer even faster we booked our summer vacation for July.  We decided to skip the beach and go north this year.  We are spending our vacation with my hubby's side of the family at a family cabin up in the woods of Minnesota.  Hubby talks about "The Cabins" all the time so I finally get to experience one of his childhood favorite vacation places. 

We are all looking forward to July!  

The Spartan race was last weekend and I have to say; I was a bit jealous when I saw all of those pictures of those who participated.  Pam warned me of this feeling though; it looked like so much fun!  
Next year, next year! 

Aw...  Also, this week I have been working on my garden, school and cleaning.  I can not remember the last time I put makeup on or let my hair down.  It's all about the workout shorts and messy hair these days. 
I will admit that the workout shorts are currently being used until I can feel comfortable wearing my spring/summer clothes.  Somehow last year's shorts are a bit to tight on me this year.

As you know I do not weigh myself and since my winter wardrobe consisted of  leggings and big sweaters I thought everything was fine... However, when closet spring cleaning came around none of my shorts seem to fit me right.  The shorts come up and zip but I am somehow left with this "muffin top" right above the waist line that was not there last year.  Oh well, I guess I have to either get new shorts or just try to get the carbs under control for a bit.

It is funny, a few years ago I would have been going crazy about gaining weight,  feeling depress and perhaps even starving my self.  This year I am somehow "OK" with it!  Do not get me wrong, I am  planning to get it under control, I am just not allowing those negative feelings control my life!  It is so important to be healthy and physically fit but, it is even MORE important to be healthy emotionally and mentally! ;o))

So I put on 5-10 lbs... it happens and it will come off!  I will not be starting a crazy diet, nor obsessing over it.  I plan to relax with the "healthy treats" and stick to what I know I should be eating!  I got this!

 OOh! As far as my running schedule goes for this week and to help me with the summer shorts situation...  I have joined TheOrangeTheory for the month!  Have you guys heard of it?

It is just awesomenesss!  I have only attended three of their one hour classes, I will give you my opinion on this new "trendy" workout soon.  So far, I LOVE it!
Speaking of orange things and low carb treats...  Have you guys seen/tried the new flavors from ArcticZero???  They came up with 3 new flavors: coconut, orange cream and caramel.  I will say I have tried them all and the orange cream is my favorite.  I have only been able to find the new flavors at Sprouts.
Have you tried Arctic Zero?  Which one is your favorite?

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