Monday, May 12, 2014

First Impression: OrangeTheory Studio in Colorado Springs

Hi Guys!  Happy Monday!  I have changed locations for the day.  My Internet has been acting up at home and I was "forced" to head to my local coffee shop Suri Ridge Coffee House to access their Internet.  I have to say; their iced coffee is delightful.  This coffee shop is slowly becoming my favorite place to get coffee at, they even carry Almond Milk!  Can we say, Starbucks... Who?
I always carry a few packets of Truvia with me, which made my iced coffee extra perfection.  

Hopefully, this wind will stop and we can get the Internet situation taken care of, but for now, I do not mind the delicious coffee and conversations with friendly strangers playing UNO across my table.  

Since moving to Colorado I have been loving getting to know all the fun activities and "new to me" healthy places to eat (hence, my summer shorts not fitting) and places to workout at.  I figured I would start a series on my blog called "First Impressions".  This series will focus on  healthy eating places, workout studios, product reviews and other fun health and fitness related stuff I find along the way.  I am really looking forward to sharing with you all!

On my previous post I shared that I have joined the OrangeTheory in Colorado Springs for the month of May.  I found a deal on Groupon for it, which by the way it is still available here.  I was not going to commit to the purchase prior to trying the studio first, so after some research and watching a few reviews online I decided to give them a call.  

On my telephone conversation with Liz (from OrangeTheory) I found out that the studio is the only one in the Colorado Springs area and has only been opened a couple of months.  Liz also mentioned that deals like these are rare for the OrangeTheory franchise. 

It turns out that you can try out the trendy workout studio at no cost to you.  They have classes 7 days a week.  Classes are available weekday mornings and late afternoons as well as morning classes on Saturdays and Sundays, which made it easier for me to schedule my first visit with them.
 The moment I parked my car I was instantly nervous because as you know running is not my "forte" and I could see the treadmills through the door.  As soon as I walked in I was greeted with a form to fill out and also a brief introduction about how their class and what to expect.

You then get assigned a Polar heart rate monitor strap.  As you know I have my own but the gentleman passing them out assured me that in order for us to get accurate results and to view the different "zones" in the large monitor, I had to use their strap.  I did however kept my watch on, which if you have a compatible Polar (I have the FT40 model) watch, you should be able to use for more accurate results. 
The OrangeTheory is a heart monitored one hour class given by a certified personal trainer.  I have only taken four of their classes with three different instructors and although the focus of the class was different each time (endurance, speed, resistance, etc.) we utilized the same equipment.  

Basically you get 25-30 minutes on the treadmill, and do not worry if you are not a runner (like me,) you can work at your own level.  The instructors will let you know at what speed and incline to go according to your fitness level (walker, jogger and runner.)  Your efforts are measured by zones; green (hard work zone), orange (fat burning zone) and red (max effort zone.)  The instructors seem to always want to see those monitors in green.

After the treadmill you then move on to the rowing machines where you do about 10-15 minutes or about 1,000 meters.  The rest of the time is for free weights, suspension bands (TRX work) and stretching.  It is up to you, whether to start on the treadmill or the rowing machine.  I prefer to start on the treadmill to get the running over with! ;o)

 My first and second workout was with Katie (love her energy), on a Wednesday which focused on treadmill sprints, fast rowing and upper body with suspension bands.  My third class was with Jeff (the owner) on Thursday, this class focused on endurance; running on incline at "push level" and working your way down to "base pace".  Saturday's class was with Anne (Jeff's wife) this class contained a bit of everything with short to no resting periods, Bosu ball workouts, weights and rowing in between treadmill and weight training.  I think Anne's class has been my favorite class so far!  I plan to try Kelley's class on Thursday and Crystal's (master trainer) class one of these Sundays.  I will let you know how those are.

I am thrilled with my Groupon purchase. I feel my running is already improving.  I plan to attend OrangeTheory at least four times a week. Thanks to their super flexible class schedule, I am sure I will not have a problem committing to that.

The workouts are tough, but they are also a lot of fun.  I love the concept of a heart rate monitored class, and the combination of cardio followed by weight training.  I love how it is displayed on a monitor, it keeps you accountable.  You certainty feel the pressure to stay in the green and orange zones as long as possible.  

I should mention that once you sign up for the studio you have to purchase your own Polar strap through them.  This was a bit annoying, because I can only use it there.

If you have a Polar watch like me and want to see more accurate results from the workouts (number wise,) I encourage you to wear it.
  I have not left the studio with less than a 550 calorie burn. 

Have you tried the OrangeTheory?  
What do you think of this "trendy" workout?


  1. That looks like a very nice fitness center- I wish we had more places like that where I live! :)

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  2. it's was a fun workout! Thank you for stopping by! ;o)

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