Friday, April 25, 2014

Anniversary & More Running...

Happy Friday...  Today is our wedding Anniversary!

I am so glad to have married my best friend!  I feel so blessed and honored to be his wife!  I could not ask for a better partner to share my life with.  
Love you Joseph! 

Awww.... 'o) I know, moving on to today's post...

This week went by super duper fast and in the midst of all things, I failed to share this week's running schedule with you all.  
Here's what I did Sunday, Wednesday and this morning...
 I am so SORE guys!!!  I honestly can not remember the last time I felt this much pain in my joints and muscles.  I switched my weight lifting to 4 sessions in order to focus on both upper and lower body twice this week.  I have to admit that I have not been able to attend the Spartan boot-camp at all this week.  Pam is holding a boot-camp tomorrow morning which as of today, I am planning to attend.;o)

I love pushing my self into new workout routines because I love that sore feeling I get.  Now days, that sore feeling is the only way to tell if the workout was effective for me.  However, looking at my workout schedule last night I noticed that between weight lifting days and cardio days, I have not taken a full day off in over 2 weeks!! Consequently; I will be taking Sunday off from running and rest my butt off.

A little update! I will not be participating in the Spartan Race, I am simply not ready for it.  Perhaps next year I will feel differently about it but, this year it is a "NO GO".  I am glad and thankful to know that I can count on Pam's Spartan boot-camp to help prepare me for it.  I do plan to continue to work on both; balance and running.

I have become more self aware about my body's capabilities through out this whole health and fitness journey.  I find that at times I am expected to do certain things just because I put my self out there and have shared my passion for health and fitness.  

I workout because I love it, not because I feel I have to.  Prepping for this race was making me hate exercising, because I felt I had only 3 weeks to improve my running and balance.

I only myself to blame, though, I did not know what I was getting my self in to PURE HELL

I am looking forward to slowly improving in those areas and to continue sharing what I learn along the way with you all.

Are you participating in a race this summer?  How do you plan to prepare for them?

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