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Book Review: #GetSkinnyAgain by Sarah Dussault

Happy Monday!  I hope you are having a great start to your week. Can you believe it is March already!  It is also my birthday this week!  WOOOT!!!

I am so excited to be reviewing Sarah Dussault's book Get Skinny Again for you guys today.  We all know and adore SarahFit.  When I first embarked on this journey I went to YouTube for workout ideas and to learn a few things from fitness experts. Sarah (from at the time) quickly became a familiar face and will pop up almost every time I played with the search engine. 

 I always found her videos to be very educational and have always admired her perspective on health and fitness.
My Video Review  (a bit blurry, new camera)

I have to admit that when I first read the tittle of the book I was a bit taken back, because after watching Sarah for years and years I know that she is not big on the whole skinny trend.  But after reading the introduction in the book it all made sense to me.  This book is is not about being "model" skinny.  Sarah wrote this book for the 99% of us who are not naturally skinny, and those of us that do follow a fitness routine, but also enjoy the occasional treat or drink :-)

She mentioned that she wrote this book for women who lost their way with health and fitness and for all who are seeking to "Get Skinny Again".

This isn't your typical weight-loss book, but one thing that stood out to me was how easy this book was to read.  There are no chapters explaining weight loss science or metabolism stuff.  Sarah is just sharing her experience with gaining the "freshman 15" in college, and giving you an affordable guide on how to embark on a well balanced health and fitness journey.  

This book is a guide to get you back to health and fitness.  At some point in our lives, different life situations occur where we fall off the wagon with our health and fitness routines then start to gain weight.  Maybe you are someone that is now entering your 30's and noticing that your body is changing and realize that it is time to develop healthier habits.  This book is also great for new moms seeking to start a new fitness routine, or even those who are just starting out with their health and fitness journey. 

Sarah also shares a fitness schedule along with workouts that you could do at home, outdoors, the gym, and even workouts that are 10 minutes long for those days where you are short on time.
(I tried one of Sarah's 10 minute workouts over the weekend and really enjoyed the sweaty session!)
This book includes an affordable grocery shopping list and a juicing detox program to start you off on your healthy journey.  Also included are recipes, meal ideas, even tips for dining out and being social.
One of Sarah's goals was to create a plan that is affordable and easy to follow.  It provides proof that you do not have to give up your social life in order to loose or maintain your weight. 

 As an aspiring fitness professional, I appreciate the fact that she shared her story with all of us.  It is refreshing to see how much she has accomplished and how grateful she is for her subscribers and those who helped her along the way.

I would recommend this book to anyone seeking to start on a healthy lifestyle.  This book contains every thing you need to get started and be successful on your weigh loss and fitness journey.

Have you read Get Skinny Again? Have you tried any of Sarah's workouts, recipes? What did you think of the book? 

Leave your comment below!

Have a happy, healthy day!

All opinions are my own.  This book was sent to me for review.  Get Skinny Again is being sold on Amazon for about $20.00 US.

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