Friday, March 7, 2014

Birthday Week Highlights

Hi!  Happy Friday...  I had such a wonderful birthday week.  Thank you for all the sweet emails, Facebook & Instagram messages.  Here are some of what made this week such a special week for me.

03/04 Tuesday:  I participated in the Fitfluential -Get Skinny Again Twitter chat with Sarah Dussault... First of all; how COOL is she??  I loved that she took the time to do this chat.  I asked Sarah a total of 6 questions and she answered 4 of them.  Here are my questions with her answers...

In case you are wondering the 2 unanswered questions were:
1. Do you like working at Barry's Boot Camp?  What class do you teach?
2.  If you could only choose one: blog, youTube, personal trainer, health coach, author which one would you pick?

It was hard to keep up with the chat, but it was a lot of fun.  Plus 4 out of 6, is not bad at all.  

03/05 Wednesday: My Birthday!!!  My amazing hubby and son surprised me with a spa day when I got home from the gym.  I quickly showered, packed a bag and headed to Mateo's Day Spa in Colorado Springs for a day of pampering.
I was greeted with tea and was asked to wait in their waiting room for my first service.  The waiting room was super duper cute, they had comfy reclainers with blankets and a cozy fire place which made for a very relaxing environment.
 I had one of their packages which included a lavender massage, 30 min steam shower, a facial, lunch (I had a cobb salad,) a manicure and a pedicure.
  I typically go for Zoya nail polishes because they are free of chemicals and such, but I was feeling OPI's "keeping Suzie at bay", which is a dark blue color.  This color was a bit risky and out of my comfort zone, I tend to go for pinks and nudes, but I loved it!

Had great conversations with the staff and the other lady's getting pampered.  Two of the ladies were cancer survivors and mothers.  Needless to say, the conversations were full of wonderful inspiring stories.  
It was such a great day.  I was at the spa from 9am to 3pm, it was just what I needed!

When I got home from the spa, I was greeted with birthday cards, chocolates and my favorite champagne.  Then got ready for dinner...
 I love, love, LOVE Mediterranean food,  I have been telling my hubby how badly I wanted to try this place in Old Colorado Springs that according to reviews was "the best greek food in town."   I was so excited to try Jake & Telly's!
 Our staple appetizers at any Mediterranean or Greek restaurant are always hummus and tzaziki.  We loved the tzaziki but were not too impressed with the hummus, we all agreed that it was very dry.  I really enjoyed my dinner choice, I had the baked stuffed gyro plate.
 We headed home for birthday cake!!
It was such a great birthday...

03/06 Thursday:  The weather in Colorado was ideal for an outdoor workout.  I turned my patio in to my gym for the day.  I did a 10 minute HIIT workout, trained shoulders and worked on my core a bit.
Such a beautiful day!

These were my highlights of the week.  
I hope you had a good week and that you have an even better weekend!

xoxo Yaitza ;o)

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