Sunday, February 9, 2014

Treadmill Sweaty Valentine Workout

It's Valentines day week!!  What are your plans for the big L.O.V.E Day?  Are you hanging out with friends, going on a date with hubby, boyfriend or girlfriends??  I have to admit that while I have been with my hubby for over 7 years, we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day.  

Because everyday is Valentine's Day when you are married... right....???!!!  

However, this year we are switching things up a bit, we decided to go out to dinner.  I have never been to The Melting Pot, always wanted to give it a go, I suggested it, reservations were booked, so that's where we are going.  Is it the healthiest option? No, but it's OK to indulge every once in a while.

But really who needs chocolate fondue or a date for Valentine's Day, when you have this lovely sprint workout that will get your heart pumping in seconds...?

I will be doing this workout everyday this week until Valentine's Day!  
If you would like to join me please tag me on Facebook or Instagram at #ahealthier_fitterme so we can support each other

Don't forget to love your body and to remember how beautiful you are, not only on Valentine's Day but everyday!

Have a treat!  Enjoy your favorite chocolate, treat or/and wine...
What's your favorite Valentine's Day treat??

I love anything with CHOCOLATE in it!

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