Friday, February 21, 2014

Since you eat veggies all day... What does the rest of your family eat?

Since I started sharing my healthy lifestyle, I often get asked the following questions: What does the rest of your family eat?  How many calories/macros should I eat to loose fat/weight? I did a post sharing how I gave up diets and embarked on a healthy journey.  I can only share my experience at this point, please feel free to check that post here.  I will go over the macro/calorie question in more detail soon.

 I figured I would share my answer to the one question I get the most, "What does your family eat, you have a growing boy and a husband, don't they get hungry"?  It is so funny... I get this question asked more so in person than online.  I think the perception is that I eat veggies all day therefore my son and hubby starve...


Now, I have said it before we do not live in a bubble and we enjoy things in moderation.  A quick example, I pack my son lunch 4 days out of the week and he gets to have school cafeteria lunch on Wednesdays.  We also go out to dinner once a week to our favorite Greek or Mexican Place.  Hubby and I, enjoy a bottle glass of wine during the week.

(For my son today I made him his favorite lunch, banana nut butter roll up.  He also gets a fruit and veggie juice, crackers or nuts, apple sauce, etc..)

For my husband as well as my son, I practice the Charles Poliquin approach:  "Meat and Nuts" for breakfast.  Please do your own research on this.  I also do the smaller frequent meals/snacks.  We all do 5-6 smaller meals/snacks throughout the day.

If you are the only female in your house, you know that food especially snacks do not last.  I find that if I feed them a good serving of healthy fats and protein in the mornings and leave the carbs for later in the day, they are less hungry than when I feed them carbs in the morning.  

I used to be big on oatmeal for breakfast especially for my son.  However, on our last school break, I found that when I gave Christian (son) oatmeal (carbs) for breakfast, an hour later he was asking for a snack, sluggish on the couch with no energy.  I should also mention that Chris is ADHD, so this was abnormal behavior for him.  

I started to research how carbs affect insulin in the mornings...

I came across this article by Charles Poliquin. I was intrigued by his theory and how the Meat & Nuts breakfast will work for my son and hubby.  Results:  were absolute PERFECTION!

 I started feeding them whole eggs and avocado, quiches with cheese, hard boiled eggs with string cheese, and eggs with a side of cashews.  They loved it, and I definitely have noticed my son is more alert and just has an overall better day at home and at school.

Snacks last a bit longer, Joseph and Chris are less hungry.  Heck, even the ritual of the after school snack is pretty much non existent.  It worked for us!  

I have since introduced the meat and nuts approach for my self as well.  I also feel full of energy and less hungry throughout the day.

So, I hope this answers your question.  
If you are suffering from hungry teenagers, (teenagers to be) a husband that eats the entire kitchen,  I highly recommend giving up those sugary carbs for breakfast and trying out protein and fats instead.

Try it for a week, your wallet will thank you! ;o)

Have you tried Charles Poliquin breakfast approach?  Thoughts?


  1. Why have I never thought about a banana peanut butter rollup...that is a CRAZY good idea......!!! THANKS for sharing that.

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