Thursday, October 24, 2013

Swanson Vitamins Haul!

Happy Thursday!  I hope you are having a fantastic week.  I wanted to share some treats I recently hauled online.  Have you guys heard of Swanson Vitamins?  I have to admit that I was not familiar with this website.  I am so happy that Jenna from Swanson's contacted me and informed me about their company. If you are anything like me and you're passionate about organic products, and/or overall health and fitness products this website is right up your alley.  It is truly a one time stop shop for all of your healthy living items essentials and the prices are great!!!

I have not done a haul post in a while and I really do enjoy sharing what I get when I do some damage healthy online shopping. Jenna was kind enough to offer me a gift card to shop on their website, which came in handy because as you know we just moved into our new home and were in need of some of our essentials. 

I learned through Jenna that Swanson Vitamins is located in Fargo ND, I was personally proud because my hubby is actually from Grand Forks, ND .  If you are interested in knowing a bit more abut this company you need to check out their "About Us" link on their website.   It is so refreshing to know that there are still companies out there that stick to their original intent and carry it on for years. I love that they added that background info to their site, it shows the integrity of the company as a whole... You just feel good about supporting them!

OK!  On to the haul...
  I had fun browsing and shopping on the Swanson's site. Also, I wanted to add that shipping was super duper fast, I believe it took 2 days to get to my door.

I know where I'll be doing my online shopping from now on!
 Thanks for introducing me to Swanson Vitamins Jenna! ;o)

Have a happy, healthy day!


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