Monday, August 19, 2013

Celebrating 2 years with a #FlapJacked Giveaway!!

Hi!  I hope you are having a wonderful start to your week.  OK! So, this week marks 2 years of starting my journey to becoming healthier and fitter.  I will like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by my humble blog and being a part of my journey.  As a small gesture, I would like to give one of you a chance to try out one of my favorite finds in 2013.  

Three 28oz of FlapJacked Pancakes in 3 flavors!!!

Giveaway rules:
  • Leave a comment on this post telling me what your health and fitness goals are.  
I will randomly select the winner through and will announce the winner next Monday. 

Thank you so much for your support.
Cheers to another year of becoming even more healthier and fitter!!


  1. Congrats on 2 wonderful and healthy years! My current goal is still to start running. I planned on starting earlier in the summer but just have not yet. I want to, but it is hard to find anywhere safe to run where I live so I am still planning! Plus I am just really scared to run!

  2. Happy 2 year anny! My health goal is to eat clean 80% of the time, giving myself some wiggle room to stay sain, haha. My fitness goal is to PR in my next marathon with a 3:08 time. I know the two goals work hand in hand!
    I don't have Pinterest, Twitter or Intsagram, but I am subscribed to your blog and like your Facebook page :)


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