Thursday, July 11, 2013

My "go-to, to-go" Snacks ;o)

Hope you are having a fantastic week. I seems like sunny days in Alaska are long gone, and it is starting to feel a lot like Fall; rainy, cold and gloomy.  It's a bit depressing but, oh well! I can't change the weather...

 On a lighter note,  I wanted to share some of my "go-to-to-go" snacks.  
I find that in order to avoid mindless eating planing your snacks is crucial.  I really try to stick to whole foods, even for my snacks.

Postcard to self...

While I do prep in advance for all of my meals, there are times (usually on weekends) when you are out and about, and find yourself hungry at a gas station or at a grocery store.  I try to keep a piece of fruit in my purse or in the car for those "emergency" situations, that way I know that no matter what, I am making healthier choices. I tend to avoid eating anything processed or prepackaged but when I am in a "splurge-ish" state of mind, these are my "go-to, to-go" snacks.

(I tend to enjoy these about 2-3 times per week.)
Let's start with my favorite...
Quest Bars
I love, <3 Quest Bars!
These are not only scrumptious but, they are also gluten free, sweetened with stevia, low carb and high in protein (20 + grams) and just under 200 calories.  I am not ashamed to admit that I have tried every single flavor of them, even their peanut butter cups.  Which, by the way, those Quest PB cups are perfect for those who crave Reese's or any candy bar lover out there.

 While they do offer a large variety of flavors, I have to say that my hands down faves are the Coconut Cashew and Cookie Dough.
Love them!!

 Jerky and Nuts
 Now, I am not a huge fan of jerky, something about dry meat in a bag grosses me out a bit...  However, if you're ever in a bind, hungry at a gas station or the grocery store, the Turkey Perky Jerky is a great jerky option.  It is very low in sodium, high in protein and low in sugar.  It contains no preservatives or nitrates and it is also very low in calories. This 2 oz. bag  is only 100 calories.  

Nuts are also a great alternative for a quick "to-go" snack.  Wonderful Pistachios came out with a 130 calorie snack bag,  ideal size for throwing in your purse or gym bag.  
I like pairing these 2 for a perfect balance of protein and fat.

Another thing I love about all of these snacks I am sharing with you today, is that you will not feel out of place when everyone around you is snacking on candy and high sodium jerky.  You'll blend right in! ;o)    

Of course your best bet is to stick to nature's "fast food" for your snacks.  Things like carrots or any raw veggie with hummus or a piece of fruit with natural nut butter are great options. 
I am loving strawberries and raw cauliflower at the moment.

These are my "go-to, to-go" snacks!
What are some of yours? 
Share them below!

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