Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lunch Break WO: HIIT Pyramid

Happy HuMp Day!  I hope you are doing well.   I know I have been overloading the blog with a lot of workouts posts lately, I hope you do not mind.  I have been creating short cardio workouts for the girls and I to do during our lunch breaks.  Here's what we did on Monday...
Should you do this routine, make sure to warm up with a light jog and do not forget to stretch.  This routine took about 30 minutes to complete.  I love pyramids because you can make them up with any move you like and zero equipment is necessary. 

It's been so much fun and therapeutic working out during our lunch breaks with the girls.  Makes for a shorter day, and you don't get that energy crash/sleepy feeling we usually experience around 2 pm.

Do you workout during your lunch break?

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