Monday, July 15, 2013

Family Photos

Well, I guess summer is back on in AK and we took full advantage of it last weekend, too.  (Gotts to enjoy every second of it...right?)  Aside from the weather behaving for us, we also did our family photos yesterday, and I already got a preview of them.  I wanted to share a few on here.  

Heather did such an amazing job with them.  We could not be happier with what we have seen so far.  She also did a great job in creating a comfortable and fun environment for us.
 Which BTW, let's be honest, for me that's always highly needed...  I am the one who needed the comfortable and fun environment, the other two involved, as always, rocked it!
 I especially loved the candid ones she took...those are always my favorites...

 My Family...
This one clearly had a blast... so cute!
 Love was definitely in the air... I love my lil family!
This is it for now...

As always, thank you so much for stopping by.  TTYS! 'o)
Have a happy, healthy night!

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