Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Guest Post! Michelle Pino: Time To Get Smart

Hello, happy Wednesday!  I have a guest post from Michelle Pino for you today.  Michelle works at a spa in Upstate NY.  Like me, Michelle is passionate about health and wellness and inspires others to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 
 I hope you enjoy her post.

Time To Get SMART! by: Michelle Pino

In today's busy modern society, it can be easy to get stuck in a health rut.  Long office hours, hectic lifestyles, families and a prevalence of unhealthy food options all seem to conspire against today's average adult.  The approach of summer is the perfect excuse to get motivated and rise above these pitfalls though, and an inspiration board is a great way to set SMART goals for yourself.

To set a goal that you'll be sure to reach, first make sure your goal is something specific.  Ask yourself "W" questions:  What do I want to accomplish, and why?  Who will be involved in attaining this goal?  Where will this goal take place, and are there any limits or constraints?  Be sure to record your specific goal on your inspiration board.

Next, make sure your goal is measurable; there's no point in setting a goal if you can't be sure when you've reached it!  A measurable goal will answer questions like "How much?" or "How many?" and will be obvious when it has been completed.  Don't forget to track your progress as you go.

A good goal will also be attainable.  Make sure your goal is a realistic one; you should stretch your abilities, but never exceed them.  If you can't provide a reasonable answer to the question "How can I achieve this?" your goal is probably not attainable.  Remind yourself every day how you plan to reach your goal.

Relevancy is also important when setting a goal.  A relevant goal is one that fulfills a purpose within your current lifestyle.  Make sure the time is right, the goal is worthwhile and you are the best person to attain the goal.

Finally, understand the time constraints of your goal.  A time-bound goal helps to overcome day-to-day distractions and develop a sense of urgency.  Understand where your goal should be in terms of progress within a month, a week or a day.  Record this time frame somewhere visible and refer to it when you need an extra boost of motivation.

Here is an example:

My goal is to be more active outdoors this summer.  More specifically, I plan to complete an outdoor activity this summer at least three times a week.  Where I live, the weather is only nice less than half the year, so I need to take advantage of it.  While doing so, I’ll be adding more active activities to my routine, helping me lead a healthier lifestyle.  Activities will include: Bike riding, walking, gardening, golf and crafting.  I plan to track my progress by keeping a planner. By doing this, I’ll have a running log of activities, and will be less likely to make excuses.
My goal is attainable, as I have doing all of these activities for awhile, I just want to increase the amount of times I complete them, and getting myself outside as much as I can.
It’s important that I set weekly progress goals to help keep myself on track of achieving my goal.  Also by enlisting friends, it will make my goal seem more fun, and less like a chore.

By setting a SMART goal and recording your progress, you'll be sure to reach your goals in no time.   Setting “SMART” goals will help decrease the stress of trying to achieve our goals, and put us on the right track to success. What are you waiting for?  Get SMART!

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