Friday, June 7, 2013

Green Protein "Milkshake" + Quick update...

Happy Friday!  I hope you are doing well.   Green and more greens coming your way....

But first... a little update...
I mentioned on a past blog that I have been experiencing abdominal pains for a while now.  I finally got to see a GI doctor last week.  Two of the procedures she had to do included an upper endoscopy and a gallbladder ultrasound.  My gallbladder came back A+ however, they did find a polyp where the stomach meets the small intestine, which they are conducting a biopsy on.  I am waiting for my results on that, but praying that everything comes back fine.  My doctor does not guarantee that this is what has been causing the pain, but it is a start.

On that note, last week was crazy for us, lots of traveling from doctors appointment to hospitals, etc little time for social media as you can tell.  My diet suffered a little bit, mainly because I went without eating or drinking for the majority of the day (for 2 days.)  Consequently, when I had the chance to eat, well, I ate for the whole day in one sitting.  We all know that's not good for anyone but, I was starving!!

While frozen yogurt made an appearance into MFP last week, I did manage to find good eats at an awesome place. We drove by it a few times, and when I woke up from the drugs I only had one thing in mind: Sweet Basil (or so the hubby says.)
Sweet Basil is a cute cafe located near downtown Anchorage, they serve yummy fresh salads, soups, sandwiches and delish cookies.  They also have a green juice bar!  Needless to say Sweet Basil became our spot while we were there.  My favorite meal there was their garden salad with quinoa with a side of chicken and fish soup.  Sounds gross but it was delish, their cream of carrot soup was really good too.
Highly recommend this place!

 While in Anchorage we also got to try Artic Zero for the very first time.   My doctor warned me I'll be craving liquids and cold stuff since my throat was on fire.  We tried the ArcticZero mint chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry and chocolate peanut butter flavors.   I have to say that I am glad I had a chance to try them in person prior to making an online purchase for them,  it turns out we are not a fans of them.  Nope, not for me.
 I hear they have a cherry cream flavor and "ice cream" bars also, so I look forward to trying those when I get a chance, no rush though ;o).

I did workout while I was there.  The hotel had a pretty nice gym.  I brought my Venus Index manual and manage to complete my workouts for the week.   BTW!  For those following me on MFP, I am following the Venus Index System workout plan, not the diet plan.  

Anyway, after the craziness that was last week, this week seem to fly by for me and I am excited for the weekend.  Lots of cleaning, rest and food prepping planed. 

Ok enough with the updates and let's get back to greens...
On to the recipe!
I bring to you the perfect green shake.  It is packed with protein with the consistency of a milkshake.
Green Protein Milkshake!
1 tbsp. of vanilla protein powder (I used PerfectFit)
1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk
1 cup of spinach
1 cup of kale
2 tbsp. of ground flax-seeds
1 medium banana
1/2 of a small avocado
2 cups of ice
1 cup of water
a pinch of cinnamon
10 vanilla liquid stevia drops

You know what to do.  Throw it all in your blender and blend away!!!  Adjust ice, water and stevia to your liking.  Enjoy!

If you have been reading the blog for a while you know how much I love throwing "weird" ingredients into my protein shakes.  Avocado happens to be my favorite little fruit lately and I especially love them in my smoothies and protein shakes.
I mean just look at that texture avocado adds to them...  It's a green milkshake!
Have you tried avocados in your smoothies or protein shakes yet?
I hope you give this recipe a try.
Have a happy, healthy day!


  1. Hi, I'm currently experiencing a lot of your symptoms...32...long story :( Not fit and healthy eater like u (dark chocolate EVERY night :(
    can u email me with update on what happened with your health? I'm lost :(

  2. The banana should make it nice and thick


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