Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back from Vacation, Eats & New Workout!

Hi!  I hope you are having a fantastic week.  I have been crazy busy this week and still trying to get back into the swing of things.  While our vacation sadly came to an end last week, this week has been full of running around with appointments and prepping for all that comes with the last week of school; field trips, parties, teacher,s gift, and last minute homework.

BUT!!!  I really appreciate you stopping by the blog, it means the world to me!!
  Thank you so much!!

So what have I been eating lately?? 
As mentioned on a previous post, I am an active member of MFP and I have logged my meals everyday for about 2 months (indulgences and all.)   I am a huge fan of this site and highly recommend it for those who are looking to track macros and/or to loose a few LBS.
Feel free to follow me on there: @ahealthierfitterme.

   During our vacation I did have the daily occasional Champagne and a ridiculous amount of chips & salsa-guac.  In conclusion I strayed away from junk food and made pretty healthy food choices with the occasional treat.  I also managed to sneak in a workout everyday while in FL.  
Now, that I am home it is back to my regular routine, happy to be back.  As much as we enjoyed our vacation, I sometimes feel the need for a vacation after a vacation.  Don't you?

So, meals while at home...
Breakfast  have consisted of either a version of overnight oats, FlapJacked (below) or a healthy crepe.  

For lunch I have been having tuna salads almost every.single. day.  I love it, it fills me up and I am not ashamed to repeat my lunch OVER & OVER again. Delish!!

For snacks, either a piece of fruit, veggies & hummus platter, GF rice cakes or a QuestBar

Dinners have also been pretty basic but, highly requested by the hubby: good ol' grilled veggie salad, with some sort of protein, thrown in a salad.  We have also been taking advantage of warmer weather days and BBQ'n often. 
As for my workouts...  I have been reaching for Zuzka, the stair master, jump ropes and running for my cardio.  For strength training, I am currently on week 1 of the Venus Index 12 Week System.  So far, I like it, too soon to tell though...  Have you tried VenusThoughts

This is it for now... :O)
Wishing you happy, healthy day!

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