Thursday, March 7, 2013

Healthy Crepes... ;o)

Hello!  Firstly, I wanted to apologize for not posting this recipe sooner, it is my birthday week and have been purposely ignoring my computer.  Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments and messages.  I do hope you are doing well.

Anywhosers... I posted a photo of my latest "indulgence" over Instagram a few days ago and received a lot of questions about how to make it...

Super simple and super duper delicious...  The thing about healthy eating is the more you change your eating habits to healthy ones your taste buds change as well, and you learn to appreciate the flavor and the potential of an egg-white. LOL!  This meal to me and the rest of my family tasted better than a regular crepe: just fantastical

So....If you are a fan of egg-whites and PB2 like us, then you will enjoy my "Crepes."
Healthy Crepes..
What I used:
Crepe Mixture:
3/4 cup of egg-whites
1 Truvia packet
a pinch of salt
1/4 teaspoon of ground of cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon of almond extract

Spray an omelet skillet and place on burner at medium heat.  Mix all of the above ingredients in a bowl.  Pour the mixture into the skillet and cook until the eggs-whites are set on top, about 3 minutes or so (like an unfolded omelet.)  Flip your crepe and cook the other side for an additional 3 minutes.  Do not fold your crepe until both sides are fully cooked.  Make sure that your skillet is always at medium heat it might take about 3-4 minutes each side.
Once your crepe is cooked, place on a paper towel, fold your crepe and start working on your filling...

For the Filling:
1 tbsp. of PB2 or peanut flour
1 tbsp. of blueberries
1 tbsp. of almond milk
add Truvia to taste (I don't)

Place in a small bowl and combine well with a fork.  Feel free to add more PB2 or more milk to get the consistency you want.  Unfold your crepe and pour-in the mixture.  As you can see from the photo above, I also like to add 1/2 banana and about 3 fresh strawberries (sliced) to my crepe.  Feel free to use whatever fruit you have at hand for your filling.

I really hope you give this recipe a try..
 TTYS! ;o)
Have a happy, healthy day!


  1. Hey! Karla directed me to your blog. I went dairy free over a year ago after repeated upper respiratory infections and I've been working on getting healthier with the help of food and supplements ever since. I totally know what you mean about being able to appreciate the flavor and potential of a simple food ingredient! My tastes have changed so much since I started eating this way. Anyway, I wanted to say howdy!

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Glad to hear you are working on adopting a healthier lifestyle. Sorry to hear about your respiratory infection, the "ups and downs" of life definitely brings the best out of us. I wish you luck on your journey ;o)

  2. I finally had the chance to read your new post. I forgot you told me you had updated it. Cant wait to try this out at home!!! Saludos corazon!

    1. No worries, let me know how you like it! ;o) CDT


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