Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bosu & Jump Rope Circuit #2

So happy is Spring!!!  Happy Spring!!!  I hope you are doing well

 I present to you a...

36 minute killer interval that was inspired by PopSugar's Bosu workout video.  I burned 370 calories with this routine the other day and I truly enjoyed every minute, so much fun!  To be honest, I have owned a Bosu for a lil while now, and other than abs and balancing/yoga moves, I tend to not reach for it all that much.  But after this workout, I have fallen in love with my Bosu all over again!! My head is still bursting with Bosu workout ideas. 

 "No one puts Bosu in a corner anymore" ;o) .
As you may know by now, I love incorporating jump ropes to almost all of my cardio/interval routines these days.  Jump Ropes add dynamite cardio to any routine, definitely gets that heart rate up in seconds.   I highly recommend adding at least 10 minutes of jump ropes to your cardio routine. 

 This is it for now, I do hope you give this routine a try. 
 Have a happy, healthy day!

What's your favorite Bosu workout/move?

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