Friday, February 1, 2013

#WFNCChallenge Done!

Hi!  I hope you are doing well.  As you know the WF-NC Challenge has come to an end.  It was an excellent way to kick off 2013 after all of that Holiday eating.  I am back to feeling energized, strong and craving more whole-foods and less "crap."  ;)

As far as physical activity goes, I am now finishing my 2nd week of the 2nd month of the Insanity series with only 2 more weeks to go, YEYEY!! Insanity has helped me stay focused with a workout routine and to start the year right!  I am looking forward to incorporating more strength training into my workout routine in a couple of weeks.  

On my previous post, I mentioned that hubby and I were thinking of tackling TapouT XT next.  We decided to start the first week of March.  TapouT is a 90 day program which consist of 45 minutes daily workouts.  NO weights are used in this series (from what I have seen) just bands and your own body weight.  I have been watching the workout videos and all the workouts seem to focused on toning the entire body.   
I am all about that!!  Really looking forward to starting...

This is it for now... As always, thank you for stopping by!
I hope everyone has a healthy, happy Friday and an even better Super Bowl weekend....

What are your plans for SB?  Are you attending a part-A?

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