Tuesday, February 12, 2013

January 2013 New Beauty Test Tube

Hi!  I hope you are having a good day.  I wanted to share what I received on my January New Beauty Test Tube.  If you are not familiar with the Test Tube, it is a $30.00 quarterly mail sampling program for beauty products.  It is a great way to try out new hair, skin and beauty items.  Click here to see what I received on my previous Test Tube.

On my BTT this month...

I have never been too fond of their magazine (a lot of plastic surgery, and anti-wrinkle info,) I was really excited to see Kate Hudson on the cover, though.  She looks stunning and her skin always looks flawless; don't you think?

As always, you receive 3 of their spalook discount cards with the products.  I thought this Tube had a great selection of products.  I am a big fan of Tarte cosmetics and was thrilled to have received a full size blush.  I also loved that they included a deluxe sample of Moroccanoil.  I discovered the Moroccan brand on my first BTT and I am now a huge fan, my hair loves this stuff!!

  I was also introduced to Mally Beauty products through the BTT subscription.  I. <3. Mally products.  So happy, they included a full size water proof eyeliner.  I have used all of these 3 products and I am in-love and will definitely repurchase them.  I have not tried the Stila face lotion yet, but, I am looking forward to giving it the world soon.  

I love opening up the Tube, it truly does feel like Christmas every time!!
  Sadly, there was a negative to this BTT.... those Simple wipes (below) broke me out after only one use.  I do have sensitive skin these days, but this product is marketed as "kind to skin" so I trusted the slang... 
No biggie, my skin is doing better.   I gave the rest to a friend and she's been enjoying them.
As for the rest of the products...  I have never tried the Vichy brand, so I am looking forward to trying them.  I received samples for their eye-opening formula and their face serum.
I also received a full size Dr. Brandt cleanser nettoyant.  Hmm, to be honest I could live without the Dr. Brant products, I feel that they have included them in every single Tube and I just don't care for them.

I have not tried the cleanser as of yet...will see...
This is it!  Overall, I loved this BTT, and will continue with the program.
Are you a BTT subscriber?  
What did you receive this month?  
Share them below...

Have a happy, healthy day!! ;o)


  1. cool! i have heard of this before and i have always wanted to try it! i ordered the mally's favorite things kir in december from qvc and i am finally putting up the full review 2marrow on my blog! i got to try 3 of the eyeliners and they were really good- i liked them! i cant wait to test them out in a pool -they are waterproof, after all (:


    1. It is fun! I am not a fan of lip-glasses but I do love Mally's, and have been enjoying the eyeliner as well. Awesome Erica, can't wait to read your post! Thanks for stopping by ;o)

    2. I was never a fan of lip gloss (not for the look or colors, I didn't like the way it felt on my lips) until I got a Mally's lip gloss in one of my first NTBBs! The lip gloss has lasted for months and months, no exaggeration I have to have used it at least 50 times, and I think it's still half full. I can't wait to get more NTBB and Mally products too.

    3. Same here Suzy. I am a lipstick fan, never cared for lip glass. But, I adore everything I own from the Mally line!

  2. I was never a fan of lipgloss until I got a Mally lipgloss in my first (of two so far) NB Test Tube. Now I'm hooked and it's one that's not inexpensive either! I moved for job hunting and can't afford to get any subscriptions right now but I do have fun seeing the pics and reading the details on your website, thank you very much!

    1. I am glad you are enjoying the NB posts...I am definitely a fan of the program. Mally's products are so good and I would have never discovered them if it was not for this program. I'll continue to post these... Good luck with the job hunting, I hope you find something soon! ;o) Thanks for stopping by.


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