Sunday, February 3, 2013

#Insanity Week 2 done! Breakfast & Super Bowl Snackin'

Hi!  Hope you are having a great Super Bowl Sunday!!  Are you parting it up or at home like me?  Either way I hope you are having a blast.  I wanted to share my Polar HRM results for week 2 of my second month of Insanity with you....

But, first here's what I had for breakfast today... 
3/4 cup of egg beaters (scrambled) with a side of cucumbers and 2 rye WASA crackers with apricot jam and a dash of cinnamon.  Yummers!

 I am also enjoying SP snacks and my first glass of wine in almost 35 days...YEY!  WOOt, WooT!

Here are my Insanity Polar Results for the week (via Instagram)
That's it!
And the Ravens win...Are you shocked or glad?
I hope everyone had a healthy, happy Sunday!  
TTY soon! ;o)

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