Saturday, February 16, 2013

I've cheated! Tips to bounce back...

Ok, so if you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen that hubby made  Valentine's day the sweetest one of all...
From the table...

to the sweet treats and the delicious chocolate wine (we drank 2 bottles by the way)...
It was an incredibly sweet night.  I seriously have the sweetest hubby!

So...  clearly, I have "cheated"! How do I get back to healthy eating and not crave those treats??

Now, I know this is sort of a justified indulgence since it was Valentine's and all.  But, these same indulgences is what got me to gain a lot of weight in the past.  The trick is to get back to your normal routine the next day.  If you think about it, a lot of fitness peeps do a once a week "cheat day" and clean eating for the rest of the week.  The concept works because it gives you something to look forward to keeps you sane and allows you to live somewhat of a "normal life". 

 Here is how I bounce back..

Firstly, I do not beat myself over it.  I try to stay positive and motivated.  Remember that just like one day of eating clean will not give you a 10 lbs deficit on the scale the next day; one day of "cheating" will not ruin my fitness goals.  Patience is key!  
Trust that you can bounce back and stay on track.
  • Now we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Blah, blah, blah! But, after a night of over drinking and tons of chocolaty treats, the next morning my appetite is just not there.  So, my number one tip is to start your day with a detoxifying drink (I do this every morning with lemon and water) and plenty of water and wait until you feel hungry to have your breakfast.  I recently tried the Vibrant Cleanse detox drink I received in my Bulu box last month; it did the trick and it tasted great.
  • If you like coffee, have it black on your bounce back day.  Coffee is a diuretic and can assist to get things moving around and out of your system.  I typically have 2-3 cups of coffee with stevia and cinnamon 20-30 minutes after my detox drink.  Stay hydrated with cold teas, and plenty of water.  
  • Go for a 30 minute walk or jog before your breakfast.  Get that metabolism going early to keep it active the rest of the day.
  • When you are ready to have your breakfast, reach for a protein based meal, like scramble eggs (stick to 3 egg whites and veggies), a protein smoothie (just protein powder, 1/2 cup of almond milk, cold tea stevia and cinnamon), or a cup of non-fat plain Chobani bowl with 1/2 cup of raspberries and stevia.  I avoid carbs, (even complex carbs) on "my bounce back" day.  
  • For lunch, I reach for a green salad with tuna, or a lean protein with balsamic or apple cider vinegar.  Also, tons of water and tea, stay hydrated.
  • Do an intense leg workout.  Legs are the largest muscles in your body.  Thanks to my Polar HRM, I have discovered that leg moves show the most calorie burn in all of my workouts.  Start out with a run, or a spinning session and move on to jump squats, regular squats, burpees, power jumps, switch lunges, sprints, kicks stands, kettle bells swings anything that get those legs moving for an hour. 
  • For dinner, have 4-6 oz of lean protein and 1 cup of veggies.   
  • If you feel like the indulgence went on all week (perhaps after a vacation)...  Try a 7 day session of the Whole Foods-No Crap challenge to get you back on track.   
What are some of your tips to bounce back??

This is what I do to bounce back.  Remember that what works for me may not work for you, our bodies, activity levels and lifestyles are different.  I did want to share my tips, as after a lot of trial and error I found something that works for me!

I hope you found this helpful.
Have a happy, healthy day!


  1. I clean up my act by getting some green in juice form, like our local Arden's Garden "Veg-a-Holic" or Naked "Green Machine". If you can find a juice with pineapple and ginger in it, it will help settle the tummy after drinking too much the night before, perhaps ;)

    1. Agreed! Pineapple and ginger are very detoxifying! You could never go wrong with veggie juices! Thanks for sharing! ;o)

  2. hi dear! just found your blog and i love it! such a sweet post! would you like to follow each other?


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