Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Guiltless Almond Sorbet Featuring: #SilkAlmond

One of the many changes I made when I embarked on my journey to becoming healthier was switching my milk from cow milk to almond milk.  Almond milk is one of the must nutritional milk substitutes there is.  I heard of this amazing milk last year, tried it once, and fell in love!  Not only was I head over heels with the flavor but also the nutritional value

Per serving, almond milk contains only 30 calories and 45% of calcium (among other vitamins) and no saturated fat!  I especially like adding the unsweetened vanilla kind on my smoothies, oatmeal and coffee.  

  The rich texture of Silk makes it ideal for cooking and baking.   However, my favorite way to enjoy it is with this delicious Almond Sorbet.  This has been my "go to" dessert lately!!  It is nutritious and totally guiltless.  I hope you give this recipe a try...
1/2 cup of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Silk
20 raw almonds
1 medium size banana
a teaspoon of almond extract
1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
3 tbsp. of agave nectar or honey
20 ice cubes

Add milk, banana, almonds, almond extract, cinnamon and agave to a blender.  Blend for 1 minute or until well combined.  Add in 10 of your ice cubes and blend for 2 minutes. Throw in the rest of your ice and blend for an additional 2 minutes. Serve and garnish with crushed almonds or honey over top.
Simple but, OH SO GOOD!!!

Have you made the switch yet?  What's your favorite way to enjoy your Silk?  Share your ideas below.
Have a happy, healthy day!

All opinions are my own.  This is a sponsored post with Silk and Fitfluential, LLC. For more information and recipe ideas for Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened Milk check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.


  1. Do you think I can substitute the Silk Almond Milk with Almond Breeze Milk ? Both are almond milk however, I am not sure if they are the same in terms of texture.

    1. I have not tried making this sorbet with Almond Breeze... Almond milk in general is perfection on this recipe. However, I think the texture of Silk Almond is what makes this so good! Let me know if you give it a try.

    2. Thanks Yaitza! I will let you know!

    3. Hey Yaitza, I tried the sorbet with the almond breeze and it turned out good!!! My sorbet was darker (perhaps it was the almonds) and not as icy as yours , but it was way good! Thank you for the recipe!

    4. Awesome Anel! I am really glad you tried it and liked it...Thanks for stopping by! Have a good day!

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