Monday, January 28, 2013

More #WFNCChanllenge Meals + Insanity

Hi!  I hope you are doing well.  My weekend consisted of a lot of cleaning, -40 degree weather and a couples Valentine's Silpada jewelry potluck/party yesterday.  The lovely host served Indian Tacos which I ended up making a taco salad out of, due to my gluten intolerance (equally delish I'm sure ;o))  I also brought a version of my Couscous Salad.  Needless to say, mainly to keep the hubbys dazed and confused everyone was enjoying their wine and beer which I clearly avoided (not a WFNCchallenge approved food) surprisingly I did not crave it at all.
We had a great time!

Today we are entering the 2nd week of month 2 of the Insanity series.  I say WE, because hubby has been joining in for the workouts, if you would like to see his Polar results, I can share those as well.  I have been sharing my Polar HRM results over Instagram but here's how I am doing so far...

Polar Results:
Tuesday's Workout (left): Max Interval Plyo
Wednesday's Workout(right): Max Cardio Conditioning
Thursday: Max Cardio Recovery (yoga & stretching)
Friday: No photo for Max Interval Circuit but, results were 565 cals, 20 % from fat.
Saturday: Max Interval Plyo (already improving)

Crazy when you put it all together...  I am very proud of my 1st week's results and can not wait to see how much my intensity improves throughout the next 3 weeks.  We are already looking into other workouts DVD series to experiment with, after this round of Insanity.  TapOuTxt is looking pretty good to us...  We'll see :)...

OK, on to meal photos!
This week was sort of another 1200kcal day but more carb based than protein based. I find that with the Insanity workouts you really need those carbs to keep you energized.
Here are some of the meals I have been enjoying lately (via Instagram):
Breakfast: a version of Overnight Oats.  I have had this for breakfast all week, with different fruits.  My favorite fruit combo has been: 1/2 banana and 1 tbsp of PB2.
Has consisted of pretty much the same...some sort of protein with veggies and sweet potatoes
Starting my day with carbs and fat makes me feel full all day, consequently, I have been having 5 meals instead of my usual 6.  My afternoon snack has consisted of green juices all week.  I made about 32 oz on Monday which lasted me for about 3 days.  Since I decided to blend instead of juice (to delay the oxidation process of the fruit and veggies) it was full of fiber which made the juices a very satisfying afternoon snack.
Dinners...Green salads or what I had here...those have been my faves!
For my after dinner snack I have been having tea and a handful of almonds.

Well, this is it for my meal and workout recap...  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Have a happy, healthy Monday!


  1. thanks for sharing! i love healthy inspiration for the week (:

    1. You're welcome... ditto... Thanks for stopping by Erica ;o)


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