Sunday, December 9, 2012

2nd Weekend of December Recap...

Hello!  How's your weekend going?  We had a pretty busy weekend...  We attended my work Christmas party on Friday.  It was at the Alpine Lodge in Fairbanks, AK.  The 90+ mile dark drive on -40 weather was scary but we managed to get there on time for the party and we had a great time.  
Food was good, the wine was better and the company was priceless. 
We stayed at the hotel, did some shopping the next day and also stayed for my son's basketball game.  
We are back home now and after over-indulging with wine and such, I am thrilled to be home back to our normal routine.  I have been hard at work in the kitchen today prepping for this week.
I have soup in the making...
I am also in the process of baking some chicken breasts for the week...
This is a huge time saver for us during the week.  Having meals prepared in advanced helps us keep on track with our health and fitness goals.  I do this with baked goods too!  I bake and freeze, bake and freeze! LOL
For breakfast I had a crab and spinach omelet with a side of guac and cherry tomatoes. 
This is it for now...I have to run check on my soup and finish doing laundry.  Ooooh, I also have to get a workout done sometime today.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend! ttyl

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