Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Workout & Meals

Happy Veteran's Day weekend.  A huge thank you to all the veterans out there for all you have done to protect and defend our country.  A special thank you to my wonderful hubby who continues to serve this country and who also happens to be the best hubby & father in the whole wide world.  I am a very proud wife!
Also, I want to thank you for stopping by, it means the world to know that people care to read what I put out there.  I am happy you are here motivating me to be a little more proactive with this blog and to continue sharing my journey with you.
More healthy recipes and humble workouts coming your way. 

Speaking of workouts here's what I did today:

I have been enjoying this combo for breakfast lately.  I had an egg-sandwich this morning...
There is a slice of provolone, 2 whole eggs, guacamole on 2 Ezekiel toast.
 The lighting is awful because in Alaska it is dark most of the day therefore, good lighting is not an option.  I need to play with my camera a little more and figure out a setting that works with the dark moths ahead.

Anywhosers...Hubby surprised me 2 weeks ago with flowers and this delish Lindt chocolate bar...

 Didn't I tell you he's the best?  He knows how much I love coconut & chocolate so why not combine both into one delicious treat; I thought it was a very sweet gesture.  The flowers have sadly died but the chocolate lasted me a while as I only had 1/2 a serving at the time.  I had the last two squares todayVery tasty...

My lunch consisted of grilled chicken, a cucumber salad and a side of crackers.
 Just made a yummy pizza for dinner...
 OK!  I am going to go devour this and if it is as delicious as it is smelling, I will share what's on this baby very soon.  I hope you are all having a great Sunday night.

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