Sunday, October 14, 2012

Veggie Cocktail (Juice)

This week's juice contained almost every vegetable I had available in my fridge.  This was my first time juicing/trying yellow carrots.  If you have never had yellow carrots they are a mix between an orange carrot and an apple.  Yellow Carrots are slightly sweeter than orange carrots and their texture is a bit smother as well, similar to a beet.  Delicious!

In my juice:
6 yellow carrots
15 orange carrots
3 broccoli stems
10 celery stalks
2 medium size beets
1 whole lemon (skinless)

I used my Breville Juicer.  All of the veggies in this juice were from Full Circle Farm (certified organic) with the exception of the lemon.  Since my lemon was not organic I decided to peel it prior to adding it to my juice to get rid of any pesticides.  
These veggies ended up giving me about 55 oz of  juice.

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