Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October's FoodiePenPal Reveal;o)

It is that time again, time to reveal who my FoodiePenPal is for the month of October. I can't believe another month has gone by, Halloween is here!  OK! For those who do not know what FoodiePenPal is, it is a program that was created by Lindsay from the Lean Green Bean.  Basically, you get paired up with a person each month to send a healthy food package from anywhere in the US.  To sign up for the program you can click on the text links above or the box to the right for more details.  You do not need to be a blogger in order to participate.
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I have to say that this FPP experience is one I will never forget.  Not only did I absolutely love everything in my package but my favorite part of the whole experience was the interaction I had with my awesome pal. After a few emails exchanges we quickly realized how much we had in common.  I received my box from Kim a fellow island girl who lives in Connecticut.  Kim is also a spinning instructor and a volleyball player.  She also enjoys all kinds of active stuff such as running.  
Kim is also the blogger behind Genuine Feedback .

Cyber meeting Kim was such a wonderful experience.  I believe that when Lindsay created this program she intended for it to be an interactive connection with foodies from all around the world.  A way to connect with others who share the same passion for food. I really feel that I made an awesome connection with Kim.  I really hope we keep in touch and can someday meet for a run or attend one of Kim's spinning sessions.

OK! On to my box...

Kim included a very sweet letter in her box.  She was kind enough to warn me of how much I would be smiling with the content of my box.  She knew from reading my blog that I have been dying to go to a Trader Joe's because I hear so many good things about their product and prices.  Unfortunately, we don't have one here in Alaska, so you know I was excited when I saw that paper brown bag.  I was definitely all smiles!  Thank you so much Kim!
All from Trader Joe's
Soft-Baked Snickerdoodles
Simply Almonds Cashes & Chocolate Trek Mix
Pumpkin Butter
Gluten Free Brownie Baking Mix
Inner Peas Snack Chips
Sweet Sesame Seaweed topping (great on salads)
Rolled Oats
Granola  Loaded Fruit & Nut
Cute Grocery Bag!

My faves...
  Holy goodness!  I have been seeing everyone raving about pumpkin butter on Instagram and Twitter and I have to say that I am now a fan, it is delicious.  Kim says that Trek Mix is her favorite trail mix combo and that she hides it so that she doesn't over indulge, OMG I totally loved it!  It is a goner now.  I think it might be my new favorite blend of trail mix as well.  So good!

more of my faves...
This GF granola was the perfect combination to my plain Chobani, delish!  My son loved the snickerdoddles too!

But, my hands down favorite thing was this...
A Trader Joe's reusable grocery bag!!!  YeY!  I have been rocking this bag to work for my meals everyday...  So cool, I now have a TJ grocery bag that I can take with me grocery shopping.  Such a sweet gesture!

Thank you ,thank you Kim!  You made my day!

Are you a FoodiePenPal?  What were your faves?


  1. almonds, cashews and chocolate! I will most definitely be picking those up on my next tjs trip.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy FPP reveal day :)

    1. yes it is so goooooood Heather...let me know how you like the Trek Mix...Happy FFP reveal day to you too ;o)

  2. Pumpkin butter... now that is something I would like to try! Too bad, that they don't sell it in the Netherlands. I must see if there is a recipe so I can make it myself :)

    1. It is pretty tasty...Let me know how it turns out if you end up making it! I was thinking of doing the same!

  3. I'm a Foodie Penpal too! It's such a great program and I love meeting new people as well as putting together a package. =)

    *drool* Pumpkin butter!!


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