Saturday, October 13, 2012

Insanity's Fast and Furious

Happy Saturday!  How was your week?  My work week was crazy busy...I am moving to a different building next week and switching positions with the company in 2 weeks.  It is also the end of the fiscal year so needless to say; a lot of filing and paperwork.

Enough venting...I managed to sneak in a workout everyday this week, but did not do much strength training.  Therefore my goal this morning was to hit the weights!
Wait a minute...What is this??  ..Awww, a sweet note from the hubby.  Cute!
A co-worker let my hubby borrow this little number to try.  I decided to give it the world this morning as the packaging says it is only 20 minutes, why not?
hmmm... WTH was that??? Holy intensity!!!!
OK, let me just tell you that Insanity's Fast and Furious lives up to the name.  Yes, it is only a 20 minute workout but it is crazy.  So crazy, that even Shaun T and his workout partners had a hard time completing it!  You get a 5 minute warm up, about 13 minutes of HIIT galore and about 3 minutes of cool-down/stretching.  All relatively simple moves, no equipment needed, just your body, a towel and water please!
LOVE, LOVE , LOVE! Highly recommend this! Need it in my workout DVD collection. Today.
Have you tried this workout?
I was so pumped after this workout!  I also did Kelly Coffey's upper and lower body workouts from the Split series. 
For breakfast I had steam veggies with a couple tablespoons of nutritional yeast flakes on top and a side of grapes.
Yes, I need to go grocery shopping!  
My breakfast was delish and besides; when you start up your day with veggies, you crave veggies all day!
Grocery shopping, post office, cleaning, laundry and juicing are my plans for the day!
Have a lovely day!


  1. I have never thought about starting my day with veggies, aside from mushrooms, pepper and onion in an omelet!

    1. lol..I used what I had...I love a good veggie juice or smoothie in the morning too...Thanks for stopping by, love!


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