Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meals, ToneItUp & Last Week of WF-NC Challenge

Happy Sunday!  Tomorrow is the beginning of the last week of the Whole Foods - No Crap Challenge.  Therefore, in order to challenge my self even more this week, I have decided to take on the 7 Day Slim Down from the ToneitUp girls.  There is some dairy in meals on this plan so I will be replacing or omitting those.

Now, I have mentioned their workouts, I have also shared recipes using their protein powder but I could not get my self to invest in the ToneitUp meal plan.  Mainly because I feel that I eat pretty healthily and  I have a pretty good understanding of what works and does not work for me nutrition wise.   But, after a year of consideration, I finally gave in and bought their Gluten Free plan last week!!
 The truth is I was so intrigued and curious about it, particularly their Slim Down plan.  The slim down part of the plan is essentially the beginning of their 3 part meal plan.  There is also a toning meal plan and a maintenance meal plan.  What I love the must about this entire series is that they measure progress by measurements/inches lost not by pounds.  I LOVE THAT!!!

Part of the slim downs strict routine, is that you need to get-in 2 workouts a day for the next 7 days; one first thing in the morning and one in the afternoon.  

Below is the workout schedule I put together for next week:
This is going to be interesting, I hope I can keep up!
Ok, so I have been "Instagraming" must of my meals.  In order to keep this blog post "short" I have decided to only share on here, the ones I did not post on Instagram.  You can follow me on Instagram if you like at @ahealthyfitrme.

Below find my non-instagramed meals for week 3 of the WF-NC Challenge (no specific order:)
 Lots of repeats this week...
 Soups & Moose stew...
 Are you a ToneitUp member?  Have you tried their 7 DSD?  Any tips you want to share?
I hope you are having a great weekend!

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  1. Would also love to ask u about beginner fitness plan + tone it up or whole 30 or clean eating plan (i'm very digestively upset and binging , but underweight, but also adrenally fatigued and can't exercise) worried and ashamed and feel its all hopeless (ongoing for a few years now) . Hope u'll email me...curious about tone it up sample typical meal plan days...hopefully with no grains-legumes-dairy...


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