Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Inspired Veggie Juice

You know fall is near when the trees start changing colors...
when your house starts looking and smelling like a pumpkin farm...
and when football is the only thing on your TV...Go EAGLES! Woohooo!
 Fall is by far my favorite season of the year.  I love watching how nature transforms to get ready for winter, love the weather, the fashion and of course the food!

I have definitely been inspired by the season with all of my meals lately; pumpkin this, sweet potato that.  The colors and the smell of these is what makes fall such an exciting season for us.
Since we are on our way to finding healthier versions of Fall, instead of baking you a pumpkin pie, I have decided to juice!  Nothing like a veggie breakfast with beautiful orange colors to get you in the fall mood.

I have been asked for juice recipes lately.  I love simple recipes that can be "amped-up" to use in other dishes.  I know that the whole concept of juicing is scary to some, just remember that you can juice anything.  The key is to stick to organic produce to get the benefits and the nutrients of whatever it is you are juicing without any toxins.

  Here's our favorite veggie juice:

In my juice:
20 organic carrots
6 organic purple carrots
4 broccoli stems

I used my Breville juicer and re-used Santa Cruz juice jars to store my juice.
Love purple carrots!
See, you don't need a pumpkin, a turkey nor a sweet potato to get a fall inspired meal. ;o) If you are not a fan of veggie juices; feel free to throw in your favorite organic fruits!

So...what do I do with this juice?  We drink it as is for a lunch or breakfast, we add it to smoothies, to substitute for chicken stock in soups and for making chai lattes!

Super simple recipe to help you on your juicing journey!
What is your favorite juice recipe?

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