Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 2 of the Whole Foods-No Crap Challenge

It is day 2 of the 30 day  Whole-Foods No Crap Challenge! If you want to see what I ate yesterday please click here. Sunday's are family days at our house.  We typically try to sleep late never happens consequently, we tend to do brunch on Sundays.  However, hubby had to work today and it was only Chris and I at home this morning.  We both woke up around 7am.  I checked my emails, did my daily detox and we enjoyed a hot cup of chai tea.  When I asked Chris what he wanted for breakfast he said: "A smoothie, please"!  
So... to the kitchen I went to make smoothies for 2!
Do we see a trend here?? LOL

Chia Necta-nana Smoothie (serves 2):
1 nectarine diced
1 frozen banana
2 tbsp. of raw almond butter
2 tbsp. of Spectrum chia seeds
1 cup of Unsweetened Almond Breeze
1/2 cup of water
1 cup of ice cubes
a pinch of cinnamon

I usually take Sunday's off from exercising.  I tend to eat/crave fats when I don't workout.  Both chia seeds and almond butter are great sources of healthy fats.  So lets just say, I am all "fat-up" for the day.

Also this morning, I put together a workout schedule for next week to help me stay on track...
I plan to stick to this routine with the exception of perhaps adding a run or yoga on Sunday.

As for the rest of our Sunday...We are heading to church in an hour, meal prepping, a lil cleaning and laundry.
I'm setting up my DVR to record Super Soul Sunday on OWN while we are out.  It is my Sunday guilty pleasure for sure!  Do you watch it?
Morning Snack: Wait, I guess the fat of this egg (yolk) will be it for my healthy fat intakes today.  Oh well, I needed the protein of the egg-white!
I had a tomato, 2 jalapenos, a turkey slice and a hard boiled egg.  I sprinkled a lil No MSG garlic powder over it.

BTW!  Don't be afraid of fats.  Healthy fats are essential to your diet, our bodies need fat.  Especially for me since I'm currently dealing with adult acne.  Healthy fats are great for your skin and an excellent source of energy.   So yes to a serving of fat a day!  You just have to watch your servings and understand the difference between healthy fats and grease.  And in case you still want more evidence regarding the "great source of energy part" Google: "What do squirrels eat?" and then go outside and try to catch one.  Those suckers are quick, always running around, looking young, looking crazy full of energy and climbing trees.  LOL!

Examples of Healthy fats: avocados, almond butter, egg yolks, seeds, omega-3, raw unrefined organic coconut oil or MCT oil, raw extra virgin olive oil.   
Unhealthy Fats: fried food, the fat of a steak, Cheetos, a pound of cheese you know, trans fat.
I learned this the hard way and TRUST me when I say:  It is never good to eliminate an essential food group from your diet.   No es bueno!!!

Simple Lunch
Dinner Juice
In my juice:
1 cup of broccoli stems
5 kale leaves
3 chard leaves
1/2 of an apple
1 cup of Yogi's Mayan Cocoa Tea
4 ice cubes (to chill)
I threw everything in my blender for 2 minutes in medium setting.  I know green juices are not for everyone.  I love them!

OOOh!  I have something exciting to share.  I just discovered a post by Cait Plus Ate in Oatmeal in my bowl's blog, under the Oatmeal Toppings Edition for summer, where Caitlin included my Olive Salad as one of the best healthy living posts for that month.  I just came across it, and I was shocked, but flattered! Click here, if you want to check that out. Thanks so much Caitlin!

Do you schedule your workouts or just got with the flow?

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