Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 10, 11, 12 & 13 Meals of the WF-NC Challenge

Hi! I hope everyone is having a great week.   I have been sticking to the workout routine I put together with no additional variations.  However, I was tempted to change it up a bit for tomorrow  because  I received 2 of the 4 DVDs I ordered online over the weekend.  
Here they are:
I have decided to stick to the schedule but, I plan to give one of these a try on Sunday.  Have you tried any of these DVDs?  Any thoughts?
 Really looking forward to trying them!

 I have been doing very good with the Whole Foods-No Crap Challenge.  I have not had any cravings for caffeine nor dairy so far.  My mind is super clear and focused and my skin seems to be doing great!  I feel full of energy but, I find to have been experiencing more cravings for nuts, almond butter and fruit lately. 
So basically I'm craving fats and carbs, a lot!  I don't hold my self back from it, though; If I feel like having an extra spoon of almond butter or an additional piece of fruit I will allow my self to have it.  Damn it!

BTW! I know I owe you an update on my adult acne situation.  I am having a hard time sharing the photos because it has been such a personal struggle for me. The photos are just too scary!!!  I need to do it though, and I will when I'm ready.  I promise!

Here is my meal summary for days 10, 11, 12 & 13 (wordless & self explanatory.)
 today ;o)
 Snack Time...
If you have any questions about my meals, please post them below!
Have a lovely night.

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