Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August Bulu Box! ;o)

Who's a member of Bulu Box? I heard about Bulu over twitter and I was intrigued to try them.  It is such a clever concept! 
 If you are not familiar with Bulu it is a $10 monthly subscription for vitamins and supplement samples.  It is a great way to try out products prior to investing in them.  You receive 4 to 5 premium samples that cater to both men and women. 
This is my 1st month receiving the box.  All the products in it (with the exception of 1) were new to me.  Some were very unique and I am really looking forward to trying them. 
I am a sucker for both monthly subscriptions and pretty organized packaging and this box was both.  The products were nicely wrapped in orange tissue (brand color) and it came with discount cards and information about the content of the package.
I appreciated the info card on the products because as I mentioned above, the majority of them are new to me.
In my box!
From left to right:
Elementz Nutrition Protein Shot: A no sugar added 23g of protein shot
Immuno-Viva defend + Energy:  Antioxidants and Vitamin C packet provides energy and hydration
Click Espresso Protein Drink:  Espresso infused 15g protein powder
Probulin: Contains 7 strains of live microorganism probiotics
Shower Pill : The Athletic Body Wipe
Vplenish: A taste free vitamin powder

I am very excited to try out these products.  I wonder if everyone gets the same things.  Hmmm...
Are you a member of Bulu Box?  Share what you received below!


  1. I got this one too!!! I did a one month free thing though...I'm not sure if I am going to conitnue, but it is so exciting to get it, and these were some great products

    1. Mine was a one month free code thing too I received when I was browsing their twitter page and website!... It was nice to be introduced to new products for sure...I thought it was interesting. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. very cool! i havent heard of this, but now i want to sign up! i like that idea! thanks for the share! spa llove!

    1. Awesome Jenna! Let me know what you think ;o)Thanks for stopping by SP sister!;o)


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