Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Couples Retreat at Chena

;o) Hi!  Joseph and I attended a "Laugh your way to a better marriage" retreat by Mark Gungor over the weekend at the Chena Hot Springs Resort.  It was our first time visiting the resort and attending a military couples retreat.  I have to say we. LOVED. it!  The resort was beautiful and the seminar material was incredibly good!  I highly recommend anything from Mark Gungor he is a fantastic speaker/entertainer.  The entire experience was a lot of fun.

We were totally disconnected from the world; no kiddo, no cell phones, no internet, NADA!   I was actually glad to be technology free for the weekend.  Hubby and I really got to spend time with one another and time to interact with the other couples there.   
Tons of activities to do at the resort, we had a 4 hour break and decided to go for one of their short (but steep) hikes and to checkout The Spring...Steamy!
The Gardens!
Look what we found surrounded by pretty flowers...
Fresh salad from their garden! So delicious!
The flowers...
So beautiful and peaceful!
We were also given tour passes to their Ice Museum!  Such an unique place!  We sat at the Aurora Ice Bar...
for an Ice glass Appletini!
We watched the ice sculptor make these glasses, so talented!
Before bed we headed to the resort's restaurant bar for a few glasses some vino (both nights)! 
Great time. Can't wait to visit Chena again! 
 I am glad to be back home and back to my normal workout and eating routine!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful place for a getaway! Mark is actually the lead pastor at a church here in Green Bay, so very familiar with his conferences :) Love his whole box vs www analogy of a man and a womans brain - so true! lol.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Becky!...yes, great analogy! How great to have Mark as a lead pastor, another reason to get up and look forward to Sundays! I think he is amazing! Have a great day!


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