Thursday, August 23, 2012

Late start, meals & Full Circle Order

How's everyone doing today?
I woke up super late this morning!   I had only 30 minutes to get in the shower, put clothes on, brush my teeth and cover my adult acne.  I still managed to pack a healthy b-fast and snack for work.  
No time for a morning workout, though! BOOOOH!

 My breakfast consisted of 2 hard boiled eggs and a pear.  Yey for prepping ahead!
Instagramed B-fast!
 BTW, this is a great breakfast option for next month's Whole Foods-No Crap Challenge!  
(Humble Tip to self: always keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge.)

I grabbed a laughing cow wedge and a handful of baby carrots for my work snack!
Instagramed snack...
 My lunch was a HOT but delish mess!
I found about a tbsp of peanut butter left in the container, so I decided to add plain Chobani, a plum, cereal, carob chips, raisins, sunflower seeds, stevia and cinnamon to it and called it lunch!
Travel friendly and delicious!

Below is my FullCircleFarm order for next week...
 I love getting order details from Full Circle, feels like Christmas every time.  Have you joined an organic produce coop yet?

OK! I am off to finally get my workout done for today.  
Hope everyone is having a great Thursday evening!

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