Thursday, August 30, 2012

Are you ready?

A few things to consider for the Whole Foods-No Crap Challenge...

Firstly, I would like to thank you for doing this challenge with me!  If you decided to join-in I am thrilled for you and for the next 30 days!

 I want to remind you all that I am not a nutritionist nor a personal trainer and that everything I share on this blog is by personal experience only.  A while back I shared a post on here about my health tips check it out here

A few tips for the challenge:
  • Stick to natural whole foods - What this means is cooking your meals, no MSG, using herbs for seasoning.  Not eating anything processed or prepackaged.  
  • Stay away from artificial junk- Splenda, fat free, sugar free, sweet and low, etc. 
  • Try to have a serving of healthy fats a day such as avocados, nuts, natural nut butter, organic coconut oil.
  • Be sure that your meals all consist of servings of veggies, complex carb and protein.  Complex carbs are things like quinoa, beans, sweat potatoes, brown rice, oats, whole grain couscous, etc.  No white flour!
  • Snack on servings of  raw veggies and hummus or natural almond butter and fruits. 
  • Oatmeal and egg-whites or an egg are great combos for your breakfast. 
  • Strive to have a salad for lunch with brown rice and a lean protein such as chicken, turkey, egg, white fish, tofu or tempeh and a similar meal for dinner.
  • Dedicate at least 30 minutes for physical activity everyday
  • Accountability - I highly encourage you to use the Facebook page for support and for workout and meal posting.  I created an album for you to share photos here.

My definition of eating clean is to prepare all your meals, cook them at low temperature to preserve the nutrients and eat as much raw food as you can possibly eat.  No need for calorie counting on this challenge. 

Although, I love to cook I am not a kitchen slave.  I love to prep meals in advance.  I always have hard boiled eggs at hand, and prep my oatmeal in my crock pot for the week.  I tend to have smoothies as meal replacements for breakfast.  Smoothies are great time savers because it only requires assembly.

I bake or grill my protein and freeze it so that it is readily available to pre-heat during the week.  I usually do this Sunday nights.  When I cook I make a lot to save to use as left-overs for dinners or lunches during the week. 

This is a win-win challenge.  Do your best and forget the rest!  I hope this helps you a little.  

 OK!  As for today, I had repeat of yesterday's b-fast: 2 hard boiled eggs and an apple.  For lunch I had this delicious chicken salad.

Grilled chicken, brown rice, jalapenos, onions, salsa and siracha over leafy greens.
Have a lovely night!  I'll tty tomorrow!

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